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What is a Wellbeing Co-ordinator?

Hi, I’m Anxhela from Albania and I am studying at the University of Brighton. I am also a Wellbeing Co-ordinator at Kaplan Living Brighton. You might be wondering “What is a Wellbeing Co-ordinator?”, so don’t worry, that’s what I’m here to explain!

What does a Wellbeing Co-ordinator do?

A Wellbeing Co-ordinator for under-18 students is responsible for providing support to students whenever they feel like they need to talk to someone.
My role is about safeguarding students at Kaplan Living Brighton, the residence where I live with other international students. I have a duty of care for under-18 students, and I am on call throughout the night so that I am available to handle any emergencies.
I work with the residence staff to organise events and activities, and I make sure that students feel welcome in their new home.

Wellbeing Co-ordinators’ services are part of the Kaplan Living Special Support package, which is a premium service that is available to all students staying at Kaplan Living residences, and is mandatory for under-18s staying at Kaplan Living residences.

Why I love my job

Through this work experience, I have strengthened my communication skills as I have had the chance to speak with students from all around the world about the issues they are facing. I have learnt how to respond in challenging situations and find solutions for problems.

As I mentioned before, in my role I have taken a lot of training about safeguarding, mental health and wellbeing in general. By the time I learned all this new information, I realised how everything can have an impact on your wellbeing, and how your wellbeing can affect everything you do every day.
Feeling good about yourself and what surrounds you makes a big difference in the way you live your life. I believe we should always encourage each other to learn more about wellbeing and take care of ourselves and others. That’s why I became a Wellbeing Co-ordinator.

My 3 wellbeing tips

The 3 tips that I would like to give everyone are:

1. Reach out to someone 

Never be afraid of talking to someone you trust about the situation you are in. If you feel there is something that is making you struggle with your daily life, then reach out to someone who can help you. Let it out and never give up on finding out the reason why you are feeling this way.

2. Do something that makes you happy

Do something that makes you feel comfortable and happy and do not overthink about what happens to you because there are always better days to come, and everything happens for a reason.

3. Try to find the positive 

Acknowledge everything that makes you unhappy and find a way to change it into something positive. For example, if you are going through some problems in your life, try to see the positive side of it and not put pressure on yourself for what is happening. Sometimes things just happen, so you must be strong and optimistic to find the way out.

In conclusion, I would like to say to everyone who is a little worried, or is going through hard times, that you are not alone in this. There is so much support out there to help you work things out. Sometimes the solution might be reaching out to someone else rather than dealing with it alone — that’s what Wellbeing Co-ordinators are here for.
Never forget that there is always someone ready to listen to you and support you.

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