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Cranfield University: unique postgraduate facilities

Cranfield University isn’t like most other UK universities. As a postgraduate-only university, it is focused entirely on developing students who already hold degrees. This also means that Cranfield has unique facilities, many of which are not found at any other UK university.

These incredible facilities enable Cranfield to lead the field in terms of specialist postgraduate study, and makes it a highly valuable partner for businesses. We take a look at just some of the University’s most interesting – and unusual – amenities.

Wind tunnels

Cranfield has a number of different wind tunnels, helping to inform teaching, research and businesses. These include a transonic/supersonic tunnel, a gun tunnel, an 8×6 wind tunnel and an 8×4 atmospheric boundary layer wind tunnel. The University has been running aerodynamic wind tunnel tests over 20 years.

Cranfield Airport

The University also operates its own airport, giving students real, practical exposure to aircraft. This is ideal for students of aerodynamics, aerospace and aircraft design, and plays a big role in University research projects. It also makes Cranfield unique among UK universities!

Air traffic management lab

Cranfield’s air traffic management lab is a brilliant way for students to develop an understanding of the impact different agents have on airspace. This holistic approach to teaching and research utilises high fidelity simulators, and allows for constant upgrades and updates to accommodate new and advanced concepts.

Explosives formulations facility

This facility for developing and testing explosive formulas consist of a small scale laboratory for formulations of up to 10g, and a scale-up laboratory for up to 500g. Students and researchers will have access to comprehensive analytical features here, under the watchful eye of experienced and highly qualified staff. There is also an explosives research detonation area for testing munitions.

Marine environment experimental field site

Those interested in marine life and human activities in the marine environment will benefit from this excellent site. Located some way from the University campus (off the shore of Scotland, in fact!), this  rural site is perfect for controlled studies and marine research.

Aerospace autonomy laboratory

This lab conducts research into autonomy technology. This includes medium and large aerial platforms, developing algorithms, sensors and network systems for aerospace. This will give students a fascinating insight into the cutting edge of the aerospace industry.

Cobalt 60 gamma source

The large cobalt 60 source is one of the largest radiation sources in the UK, and is used by government agencies, defence contractors and the nuclear industry. It tests and evaluates equipment that may be subject to the effects of nuclear radiation. Designed as a research gamma irradiator, the large laboratory is carefully overseen by experienced staff.

Study at Cranfield

As a student at this exceptional postgraduate university, you’ll have access to great facilities related to your area of study. You’ll be at the cutting edge of your field, and will leave Cranfield with an excellent qualification.

To help you qualify for entry to Cranfield, you may need to take a pathway course at Kaplan International College London. This will help you prepare for studying in the UK.

Find out more about the University and the International College by clicking on the links below.

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