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Discover Pace University’s lovely Westchester campus

If you want to experience a traditional American college campus but also wish to enjoy the benefits of a major city, the Westchester campus at Pace University offers the best of both worlds.

Pace Westchester is located in the beautiful town of Pleasantville.  The campus is surrounded by the Hudson River Valley, an area whose natural beauty draws tourists and artists from all over. If you love spending time outdoors, there are also lots of great places for hiking, skiing and kayaking.

The Westchester campus itself is stunning, and looks like a movie setting. It contains 200 acres of green lawns, gardens, freshwater ponds and wooded nature trails. There’s even a farmhouse with goats, chickens and other farm animals.

Pace has become a leader in environmental studies and environmental law (ranked #1 by U.S. News in 2023), and this close connection to nature has an important influence on the campus.

Pace University Westchester Campus 

As a Pace University student based at the Westchester campus, you will enjoy access to incredible facilities, many of them brand new. In the past few years, the University has built new student residence halls, upgraded its athletic fields, and expanded several student lounges and dining areas.

Even more important, however, are the connections you’ll be able to make with your classmates and professors. With just over 3,000 students, the Westchester campus offers the kind of close-knit community where you can really thrive.

You can choose from almost 70 bachelor’s and master’s degrees and more than 60 student clubs, where you’ll find lots of opportunities to build up your leadership skills. With Pace’s incredible career guidance, you’ll learn how to best turn these experiences into professional opportunities.

Check out Student Ambassador Malika’s video about Westchester

Since it takes less than an hour to reach Midtown Manhattan by train, students can easily do internships in the city or even take some of their classes on the New York City campus.

Students will discover, however, that there are many opportunities close by. Known as “the Golden Apple,” Westchester is home to several major companies, including IBM, NBC Sports and MasterCard. It is also a thriving community, with impressive arts, dining and local festivals.

International students can apply for direct admission to a bachelor’s or master’s degree at the Westchester campus, or progress from the Global Pathways program in New York City. Global Pathways students who continue on to a degree in Westchester are also eligible for progression scholarships!

Get in touch with one of our advisors to find out how you can become part of the amazing community at Pace University in Westchester.

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