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TEDI student working on a projectTEDI student working on a project

Inside TEDI-London’s fantastic facilities

The Engineering & Design Institute London (TEDI-London) is a higher education institution with a difference — it specialises in just one subject, Global Design Engineering. That means all its facilities were designed specifically for Engineering students to make things, break things, and create things, just like real Engineers.

Join us for an exclusive tour and see just what this exciting institution has to offer.

Technical facilities

Global Design Engineering combines elements of Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, as well as Product Design. That means you’ll use a variety of technical equipment, which TEDI-London houses on campus in large rooms called Makerspaces.

You’ll be taught how to safely use everything in the Makerspaces, and Makerspace Technicians will be on hand if you’re unsure about anything. You can also use the Makerspaces for personal projects, as well as your coursework.

This is equipment that professional Engineers use every day, meaning you’ll graduate already equipped with the skills employers are looking for.

Makerspace A

On the ground floor, you’ll find Makerspace A. It’s one of the largest spaces in the building, with a range of specialist machinery that you’ll use throughout your degree. This includes:

  • 3D printers and a computer numerical control (CNC) machine, both computer-controlled machines which can be used to create solid models out of materials including metal, plastic and wood.
  • Powerful cutting and creation tools like a bandsaw, laser cutter and a lathe, which can be used to create round shapes and custom bolts for assembling your designs.
  • Testing equipment like a Universal Testing Machine — this is standard equipment that Engineers use frequently to test the strength of different materials.
TEDI students learning in the engineering lab
TEDI student operating machinery
Makerspace B

Head up to the first floor, and you’ll come to Makerspace B, the mechatronics workshop. This is where you’ll find advanced equipment used for automating and testing processes. Some of it includes:

  • A 3D scanner, which can be used along with the 3D printers to create models.
  • An Arduino board and industrial programmable logic controller (PLC) — these can be used to control automated processes and even robots.
  • Hand tools like a soldering iron.
  • Various testing equipment, like a spectrum analyser and an oscilloscope, which Engineers use to detect problems in electrical circuits.

In your second year, you’ll also learn Python, a common programming language, which will help you to manage automated processes.

Body Part, Finger, Hand
Makerspaces C and D

Learning at TEDI-London is immersive and practical, so there aren’t any lecture halls. You will have classrooms though, like Makerspaces C and D, which are set up for group work. These are where you’ll have teaching sessions with your classmates and tutors, and are ideal for working collaboratively with your teammates on group projects.

TEDI students discussing in the classroom
Social and study spaces

Outside of the technical facilities, there are multi-use spaces throughout the campus that you can use for studying and socialising. For example, the cafeteria is the social heart of the campus, where many students come to eat, study and hang out with friends.

Here you’ll find a kitchen equipped with everything you need to prepare or heat up your lunch, as well as dining tables and cosy booths where you can collaborate on group projects or focus on your own work in between your classes. When it’s time to relax, you can enjoy a game of pool, table tennis or air hockey there too.

Then, there’s the Student Study Space. This is a relaxed area that you can use however you like! There are desks for studying, as well as a TV, comfortable sofas, chairs and even bean bags! Plus, directly outside the Student Study Space is the roof terrace. This is another place for you to work or socialise, while enjoying the sunshine and city view.

Finally, if you fancy going further afield, all TEDI-London students have associate membership of the King’s College London Students’ Union, meaning you can enjoy the events and facilities there too!

TEDI student playing pool on campus
Take the virtual tour of TEDI-London

This is just an overview of TEDI-London’s fantastic facilities — to see more, why not take a look around yourself? TEDI-London has a detailed virtual tour where you can explore all of the technical and social facilities, and find more information on all the specialist equipment you’ll be able to work with.

Study at TEDI-London with Kaplan

If you want to study Engineering in London, the UK’s exciting capital city, TEDI-London is waiting to welcome you. Through us, you can apply for direct admission to a degree, and benefit from our support and guidance on your application.

Or, if you don’t quite meet TEDI-London’s requirements, you can take our degree preparation course online. The course will help you reach the academic and English language level you need to study at TEDI-London, and help prepare you for your exciting adventure as a future Engineer!

If you’d like to learn more, you can find further details about TEDI-London, including all your study options, on our dedicated webpage.

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