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Great results in our 2023 student satisfaction survey

It’s very important to us that our students enjoy their studies with Kaplan. That’s why, every year, we hold a student satisfaction survey. The results for 2023 are now in — we’re pleased to say our students were satisfied with their study experience with us this year.

An enthusiastic response

Every year, we survey students across all of our UK colleges. We ask a range of questions about how satisfied students are with different aspects of their course, their College, and their overall experience.

Out of those who responded to the survey:

89% of students

said they were happy with their overall experience at their College

88% of students

Would recommend their College to a friend as a good place to study

88% of students

said their programme helped them develop skills which will be useful for their future career

91% of students

said that College staff cared about helping them to be successful in their studies

Prepared for success

The main purpose of a pathway course is to prepare students for university-level study, so we’re pleased that 89% of students agree that it did just that.

Whether you need to improve your English language level or subject knowledge, or would just benefit from a little extra time to settle into life in a new country, these results show that a Kaplan pathway course can help you feel ready for university.

However, we know our students aren’t only focused on their degree studies — they want to be successful in their career, too. That’s why employability skills are included in all of our pathway courses.

Our students agreed that this is helpful, with 88% of respondents confirming that their programme helped them develop knowledge and skills which will be useful for their future career.

A supportive environment

Elsewhere, students praised the quality of the teaching they experienced. 87% of students agreed that the teaching on their course was good, and 90% of students also said teaching staff made their subjects interesting and explained everything clearly.

We also strive to support students any time they might need help or advice, we we’re please that 90% of the respondents said they found it easy to ask for help and advice from College staff.

High levels of overall satisfaction

Finally, of course we’re pleased that 88% of students are happy with their overall experience, and would recommend their College to a friend as a good place to study

Shape your future with Kaplan

We look forward to helping more students on their path to university — maybe you’ll be one of them! If you’d like to study at a top university overseas check out the link below to see your study options, or contact us for more information.

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