At Kaplan, you can now gain professional experience during your pathway course when you take the International Year One (IYO) with Internship.

We understand the importance of preparing students for their future careers, and with the innovative IYO with Internship, this career preparation is taken to the next level: it gives you the chance to undertake a work placement before you even start your degree at university!

What is the International Year One with Internship?

The new IYO with Internship is an integrated 3-, 3.5- or 4-term course, undertaken in the UK, which combines 2, 2.5 or 3 terms of academic study with a 1-term online internship. It’s particularly useful for students who would like an extra boost to their future employability.

The IYO with Internship can be studied in all subjects at all of our UK colleges offering International Year Ones.

As with all our IYO courses, you are guaranteed progression to the 2nd year of your chosen degree when you pass your IYO with Internship at the required level with good attendance.

This means that not only will you fast-track your degree, but you’ll also boost your career prospects at the same time.

10-12 hours

of CareerBridge coaching materials

97% of participants

successfully complete their
Virtual Internship placements

2 one-to-one coaching workshops

with a specialist careers adviser

Certificate of completion

when you finish your internship

How does the IYO with Internship work?

Internships on the IYO with Internship course are arranged through Virtual Internships, which has been named one of Europe’s Top EdTech Companies by HolonIQ.

Your work placement will have tailored projects that meet your specific career development and employability goals. You’ll receive support from a dedicated Intern Experience Manager, Internship Coach, and CareerBridge, an award-winning online professional development hub.

You will work between 15 and 30 hours per week, and you will be guaranteed a remote internship with one of 3,500+ host companies in more than 70 countries around the world.

How does the IYO with Internship work video

You’ll be allocated an internship in a career field that is related to your area of degree study. Virtual Internships have links with a wide range of companies in 18 different career fields, including human resources, engineering, finance, digital marketing and computer science.

Your online internship is seamlessly integrated into your pathway course, which means that staff at your college will help you with the internship application process, and they will be there to offer you additional support during the internship itself.

It also means that you’ll finish your work experience shortly before you start your degree at university.

Shape your career with an IYO with Internship

Overall, the IYO with Internship is an exciting opportunity to get a head start: you’ll practise and improve your English in an online professional setting, and boost your CV and future career prospects, all before you progress to your degree.

It will also put you in a good position when it comes to finding work placement opportunities at university — and, with the Graduate Route post-study work visa available for international graduates in the UK, you can look forward to becoming a well-rounded, employable candidate for your dream job.

Take the IYO with Internship and progress to one of these universities:

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