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Wallace's graduation

Wallace’s story

4th Nov 2021

6 mins

Wallace from Uganda is now an architect. Read his story.

Ludy's on graduation

Ludy’s story

1st Nov 2021

Ludy from Angola dreamt of being an engineer and helping her country.

Fahad on graduation

Fahad’s story

1st Nov 2021

Fahad from Saudi Arabia followed his path to a successful marketing career.

My path, my way: Anel's story

Anel’s story

1st Nov 2021

Anel from Kazakhstan shares her experience of studying with Kaplan.

Pace alumnus Jecky from India

Jecky’s story

15th Sep 2020

Hear from Jecky, an alumni of Pace University in New York.

Bournemouth University student Mirsa from Panama smiling

Mirsa’s story

17th Aug 2020

Mirsa from Panama is studying at Bournemouth University. Read her story.

My path, my way: Aqeel's story

Aqeel’s story

1st Jun 2020

Aqeel from Malaysia overcame struggles to be where he is today. Read his story.

Indian student path to Pace University bachelor degree

Karl’s story

28th Apr 2020

Karl followed his path from India to Pace University in New York City.

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