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Ludy's on graduationLudy's on graduation

Ludy’s story

My name is Ludy and I’m from Angola.

I took a pathway course at Kaplan International College London and progressed to the University of Birmingham to study a bachelor’s degree in Geology.

I am now a University of Birmingham graduate and want to share my story with you.

Following my dreams

I grew up dreaming of being a Petroleum Engineer. In a continent like Africa, any career in the engineering sector is highly respected, so that’s why I wanted to pursue this dream.

However, things changed when I started learning about Geography, Physics and Geology. I was fascinated by these subjects and by the age of 15, I was determined to study Geophysics.

Then, I started to think about studying abroad. My parents supported me because they wanted me to have the best education and be exposed to opportunities and challenges that I would not have if I stayed in Angola.

Arriving in the UK

I was very shocked when I first arrived in the UK for my pathway course. I don’t think I really had any idea of how far I would be from home until I landed at Heathrow Airport. In fact, I remember feeling extremely lonely and during my first month in London.

However, my time at Kaplan was definitely a period of extreme growth in every way possible. I would say that my biggest challenge was adapting to the English education system. When I started my course, everything felt new to me and it made me dedicate myself to my studies a lot.

My favourite moment at the College was, without a doubt, my results day. I was so happy to see that all my efforts were not in vain, and that I had progressed to the University of Birmingham. I even cried!

Studying at the University of Birmingham

It’s quite difficult for me to choose one particular favourite moment during my studies at the University of Birmingham because I absolutely loved my experience there. Studying Geology meant that I had the chance to go on lots of field trips during my degree, the best and most exciting one being to Spain in my final year.

I would say that the highlight of my time in Birmingham was 18 July 2019, which was the day I officially graduated. Nothing beats the feeling of “mission accomplished” and seeing how proud my parents are of me.

Life after my degree

I believe that what attracted me to the world of Geosciences is the versatility of it. I have always wanted a career that would allow me to escape from the daily routine quite often.

What I find particularly interesting and enjoyable about being a geologist is the field work, especially looking at landscapes and starting to think about the geological events and processes involved.

Studying a pathway course with Kaplan definitely helped me on my career path because it gave me the chance to improve my communication skills. Being a Kaplan alumna allowed me to participate in events that expanded my network, and I even got a summer work placement with Kaplan, which was an extremely helpful experience.

“My advice to international students is to focus on your goals, be determined and work hard because with hard work comes success”

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Earning a master’s degree in Oil and Gas Management will help my ambitions for the future. After successfully completing my studies, I can work in the oil and gas industry.

I plan to develop projects that increase clean energy through the use of natural gas to generate power. By working on this, I hope to help improve my country’s economy and people’s quality of life.

My advice to international students studying abroad is to focus on your goals, be determined and work hard because with hard work comes success.

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