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Indian student path to Pace University bachelor degreeIndian student path to Pace University bachelor degree

Karl’s story

My name is Karl and I’m from India.

It’s hard to believe that just months ago I was packing my bags and thinking about the ocean I was about to cross, hoping to find success.

So far, Pace University and New York City have worked in perfect unison, throwing me opportunities that I could never have imagined.

As I open up to people and make new connections, I have realized that the way to turn an idea into an action can be very simple. Sometimes, you just have to ask, “Hey, what do you think about…” Saying yes to new opportunities has already led to some amazing breakthroughs in my life.

Only 2 months into my first semester, a friend asked me to help solve a problem. The laundry machines in Pace’s residence halls are always full, and students often forget to empty them promptly. We thought technology could resolve this frustration.

A week later, we presented our idea for a phone app to our academic advisor, Professor Stephanie Elson. She loved it and put us in touch with Pace alumnus Jeremy Louie. He runs a multi-million dollar tech start-up in New York City, and has mentored us on how to make our idea into a reality. With his help, we are continuing to develop the app and test it with users.

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Meanwhile, I’ve found a lot of opportunities to build my leadership skills at Pace. After being invited to join the Alpha Lambda Delta National Honors Society, I decided to run for president and won.

I was also selected by Pace’s office of Student Development and Campus Activities to join their annual leadership trip to Washington, DC. This trip gave me more than new experiences and memories; it has helped me build relationships that will last a lifetime.

Studying here also gave me an opportunity unique to New York City: I was cast in a new MTV reality series for their social media platform. The show revolves around giving makeovers to people who have gone through huge life changes. My transition from the other end of the globe to New York made me a perfect match for the show.

Like anything in life, everything that I have been privileged to experience has come with its fair share of trade-offs. Being away from home and adjusting to being responsible for everything, from doing my own laundry to eating healthy, has been challenging. This is only amplified by my internal commitment to perform to the best of my abilities.

The Spring semester looks like it will also include some really big projects. My plan is to take the momentum I’ve gained and the experiences I’ve had thus far to launch my dreams to even greater heights!

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