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Pre-Master’s courses and Graduate degree preparation

If you want to earn a master’s degree from a UK or US university but don’t meet the entry requirements, a master’s preparation programme may be the right choice. A graduate preparation programme (also known as Pre-Master’s pathway) can help you prepare for and gain entry to a master’s degree.

These courses provide routes to excellent universities in the UK and USA that you might not otherwise qualify for entry to. You can choose from a number of degree subjects and universities in great UK and US locations, so you can start your path to degree and career success.

Why might I need master’s degree preparation?

There are many ways a master’s degree preparation course can help you achieve your ambitions:

  • Meet degree entry requirements

    If you don’t currently meet the academic or language entry requirements for a master’s degree at a UK or US university, a master’s preparation course can help get you to the required level. When you pass your master’s preparation course at the required level and with good attendance, you are guaranteed progression to a master’s degree at your chosen university.

  • Benefit from complete preparation

    You’ll be fully equipped for your degree when you complete your preparation course. You’ll develop the study skills, English language level and subject knowledge you need to succeed in your master’s degree.

  • Receive individual attention

    We’ll support you in every area of your studies. You will benefit from small class sizes, dedicated and experienced teachers, courses designed specially for master’s-level international students, and one-on-one tutoring tailored to your needs.

  • Experience life abroad

    By studying a master’s preparation course, you have the amazing opportunity to experience life in your chosen study destination before your master’s degree begins. You’ll have a fantastic support network to help you adapt to the challenges of living and studying abroad, so you’ll be able to focus on your degree.

Christian, Venezuela

Christians from Venezuela

Pre-Master's student at Glasgow International College (UK)

The master's preparation course helps you get ready for the UK university system. I learned how to answer essay questions, cite sources, write outlines and structure my work in a way that will help me succeed in my degree. If I hadn’t learned about these things during my Pre-Master's, I wouldn’t feel so prepared for my master's degree.

Pace University Student Jecky

Jecky from India

Progressed to a master's degree in Computing at Pace University

My pathway program at Pace prepared me academically for my university studies. I am able to connect with my professors, and understand their different teaching methods. It has also helped me meet other students, who have since become my good friends. It truly provides a home away from home.

UWEBIC student Joao from Angola

Joao from Angola

Pre-Master's student at UWE Bristol's International College

The classes at Kaplan were really helpful for me: the modules allow you to develop your skills so that you’re much better prepared for university. I’ve learnt presentation skills, how to write properly and speak confidently – I think all of these things will help me in the future.

Where can I study and what are the entry requirements?

  • Pre-Master's courses in the UK

    Many of our Pre-Master’s courses are taught right on university campuses. Once you pass your Pre-Master’s course at the required level and with good attendance, you are guaranteed progression to a master’s degree at one of our world-leading UK university partners. See all subjects and university choices.

    Entry requirements vary. Typical requirements are:

    • Academic: at least 3 years of higher education or equivalent
    • English language: UKVI IELTS 4.5 to 5.5 or accepted equivalent

    Note: the duration of your Pre-Master’s course will vary between 4 and 18 months, depending on your needs and level of English language.

    Contact us about Pre-Master’s courses for UK postgraduate degrees.

  • Graduate pathways in the USA

    Successful completion of the Graduate Global Pathways Program guarantees you progression to a degree at Pace University in New York, and you will earn credit that you can transfer to your master’s.

    Entry requirements vary by progression degree:

    • Academic: a bachelor’s degree with minimum GPA 3.00
    • English language: minimum TOEFL 55 to 80

    Note: the duration of your preparation course will vary between 3 and 12 months, depending on your level of English language.

    Contact us about pathway programs for US master’s degrees.

How much does a graduate degree preparation course cost?

Cost of studying in the UK
Pathway course tuition fees are typically between £13,230 and £28,980, depending on which course you take. See our UK how to apply page for more information about the costs involved in a UK pathways course.

Cost of studying in the USA
Check the tuition and fees for Pace University’s graduate pathway program on the cost of attendance page.

What subjects can I study at which universities through a Pre-Master's?

Pre-Master’s with Internship

If you’re interested in gaining professional experience as part of your studies, then you might want to consider choosing a Pre-Master’s with Internship.

It’s an integrated course, undertaken in the UK, which combines academic study with a 1-term online internship. Internships on the IYO with Internship course are arranged through Virtual Internships, which has been named one of Europe’s Top EdTech Companies by HolonIQ.

The Pre-Master’s with Internship is available in almost all subjects at most of our UK colleges offering Pre-Master’s courses.

Learn more about the Pre-Master’s with Internship.

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