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Employability at UWE Bristol’s International College

Preparing students for career success is a big part of everything we do. Not only are employability skills built into all of our pathway courses, but we’ll even help you to start expanding your professional network and building career skills before your programme begins. On this page you can learn more about how we’ll support your employability before, during, and even after your studies with us, usually at no additional cost.

Before your pathway course

Our support begins before your classes start, with Pathways Preview. This resource gives you advanced access to Kaplan’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), as well as a range of other educational and personal development resources. One of these is ‘Your Online Reputation and Networks’.

The material in ‘Your Online Reputation and Networks’ aims to help you start thinking about your employability and professional network by identifying the bodies and organisations you can join that are related to your field of study and career ambitions. Engaging with groups likes these can give you access to professional resources and to events and talks by people who are successful in their fields, who you can learn a lot from.

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Some professional groups that students at UWE Bristol’s International College have engaged with include:

  • Association for Project Management
  • Institute of Biomedical Science
  • Institute of Engineering and Technology
  • Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs
  • Royal Society of Biology

Once your course begins, you can continue to contact relevant industry bodies with the help of your Learning Advisors.

During your pathway course

During your time at the College, you will have regular opportunities to build your employability and gain useful career skills — click on the different tiles below to find out more.

  • Live careers events

    Throughout your course, you’ll have access to employers and entrepreneurs at live events called ‘Career Conversations’. At these events, a panel of students interviews an industry professional with experience and expertise to share.

    You can learn a lot from these events, and even watch the talks online later as short videos with added tasks to help you make the most of the information shared.

  • Practical projects

    You’ll have a brilliant opportunity to gain practical experience and transferrable skills twice per term, during Applied Learning Week. During this period, you will be able to form a small group with your classmates and work on a special project in place of your regular classes.

    Previous projects have included creating a website or video, and delivering a business plan or presentation. Applied Learning Weeks also have a theme, such as entrepreneurship, environment and sustainability, or local, national and global causes and issues.

    By taking part in activities like this, you will learn great transferable skills like communication, organisation, research and teamwork. All of these are very useful skills for succeeding in your career.

  • Professional certifications

    Professional certifications are a brilliant way to demonstrate your expertise in different areas. As Kaplan has links with several professional bodies, you will be able to gain professional certification while you are studying at the College.

    Some options you will have include studying the New Technologies for Business course from Kaplan Professional, or gaining a Certificate of Achievement from the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs by successfully completing a module in Entrepreneurship.

  • Professional development resources

    One of the resources you’ll work from during your course is Pathways CareerSource, an engaging interactive e-book about your personal and professional development. Pathways CareerSource includes personality tests and skills self-assessments, so you can track your progress and set goals.

  • Real-world assessments

    One of the ways your pathway course can help you prepare for your career is by setting you tasks to complete that are similar to what you can expect to do on your degree and in your future career.

    This means that if you are studying Business and Finance, you might be asked to write an analytical report on company strategy. Similarly, Science students might need to write a lab report, and Media students would film a vlog.

  • Skills portfolio

    While you’re studying at the College, you will create and maintain a Kap-PACK e-Portfolio, an online record of all your skills and achievements. There are 5 sections to complete:

    • About Me
    • Personal Development
    • Academic Exploration
    • Communicative Ability
    • Knowledge, Skills and Experience

    Working on your e-Portfolio can help you to identify both your strengths and areas you need to work on, and can boost your confidence by showing you just how much you’ve achieved!

    You’ll also have the option to carry out some extracurricular work to enable you to qualify for the Kap-PACK Plus Award in Community or Leadership. It’s a great way to showcase all of your impressive talents.

  • Work experience

    One of the best ways to improve your CV and build your employability is by gaining work experience with a real job. As Kaplan is registered with the Office for Students, you will be able to work part time during term and full time in your breaks.

    You could also apply to be a Kaplan Student Ambassador, and share your experiences as an international student through blogs, short videos and social media posts, gaining skills in creativity and communication.

Taking advantage of these opportunities can help you to gain important transferable skills that help you stand out to employers.

Pathway courses with internships

Employability skills are built into all of our pathway courses. However, if you’d like to study a programme with a work experience placement conveniently included, a pathway course with internship could be the right choice for you.

This programme features academic and English language study, followed by an integrated online internship. The whole course is studied in the UK, and when you successfully complete it at the required level, with good attendance, you’ll progress to your chosen degree.

Internships provided by Virtual Internships

one of Europe's top EdTech companies according to HolonIQ (2021)

3,500 host companies to choose from

based in 70 countries worldwide

18 different career fields

available, so you can match your internship to your ambitions

Gain professional skills and experience

and boost your CV and career prospects

If you’d like to apply for a pathway course with internship it’s easy to do — simply select your preferred course type from Foundation Certificate,  International Year One with Internship or Pre-Master’s on the application form, and if the pathway course with internship is available for your subject area and preferred start date, at your current level of study, you will be prompted to choose it.

After your pathway course

After your pathway course ends, you’ll be able to take advantage of Pathways Extra, a special resource for Kaplan alumni. Pathways Extra helps you to build your academic skills and get ready to transition to university. It also encourages you to take the next steps in improving your employability.

You will be able to gain the Certificate of Achievement from the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs if you weren’t able to do so during your course. You will also have access to tools to help you assess your skills and set goals, and get an advance look at all of the ways you can build your employability at UWE Bristol.

Your degree and beyond

When you progress to your degree at UWE Bristol, you will be able to continue improving upon many of the skills you learnt at the College. While you are studying at the University, you can take part in the UWE Bristol Futures Award.

To gain this employability award, you will need to undertake three different careers-related activities, and complete a reflective log after each one. Your award will then be recognised at graduation on your Higher Education Achievement Report. One of the activities that counts towards the award is taking one of the many professional training courses available through the University, which can really improve your career prospects.

Once you’ve graduated, you will be able to stay in the UK for up to 2 years gaining further work experience with the Graduate Route visa. All of this means that you will be fully prepared for a successful career!

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