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Employability at University of Brighton International College

Enhancing your employability is at the heart of everything we do — in fact, preparing you for a successful career is a key part of what education is all about. You’ll have multiple opportunities to gain employability skills and boost your CV before, during, and even after your studies with us, in most cases at no additional cost.

Before your pathway course

Before you start your course, you’ll have access to a great extra resource called Pathways Preview. It allows you to explore Kaplan’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and other educational and development resources, such as ‘Your Online Reputation and Networks’.

This handy online tool encourages you to start thinking about your employability ahead of starting your studies, and helps you to identify and register with professional bodies and organisations that match your career goals. By joining professional groups you’ll be able to access external resources, attend networking events and learn from people who are successful in their fields.

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Some networks and organisations that students at the University of Brighton International College have engaged with include:

  • Association for Project Management
  • Institute of Biomedical Science
  • Institute of Engineering and Technology
  • Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs
  • The Historical Association

This is something you’ll continue to build on throughout your studies — your Learning Advisors will be there to help you with this during your programme.

During your pathway course

There are many ways you can build your employability and career skills during your time at the College — click on the different sections below to learn more about each of them.

  • Practical projects

    Twice per term, you’ll have the opportunity to work on a special project in a small group in place of your regular classes, for Applied Learning Week. It’s a great way to develop both practical and professional skills!

    Past projects have included building a website, making a video, writing a business plan or delivering a presentation. The activities you’ll take part in during Applied Learning Week are based around a theme, such as entrepreneurship, environment and sustainability, or local, national and global causes and issues.

    Taking part in these activities will help you to develop transferable skills that employers look for, including communication, organisation, research and teamwork, as well as learning to use new technologies.

  • Professional certifications

    Another fantastic way to boost your CV is to gain a professional certification. As Kaplan has connections with a range of professional bodies, you’ll be able to do this while your study your pathway course!

    One great qualification you can gain is a Certificate of Achievement from the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs, if you successfully pass a module in Entrepreneurship. You could also study the New Technologies for Business course from Kaplan Professional and show that you understand the most up-to-date technologies used in business.

  • Professional development resources

    Pathways CareerSource is an interactive e-book all about academic achievement and career development that you’ll work from during your course. Some of the helpful activities include personality and skills assessments that you can use to track your progress and set goals.

  • Real-world assessments

    Many of the assessments on your course are designed to reflect the sort of tasks you’ll carry out on your degree or professional life.

    For example, Business and Finance students might have to write a report on company strategy, and Science students could be asked to create a lab report, while Media students would need to make a vlog.

  • Skills portfolio

    During your pathway course you’ll create and maintain an online record of your achievements in your Kap-PACK e-portfolio. It’s the perfect way to showcase your skills!

    The Kap-PACK e-portfolio has 5 sections to complete:

    • About Me
    • Personal Development
    • Academic Exploration
    • Communicative Ability
    • Knowledge, Skills and Experience

    Working on your e-portfolio will help you to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses, and identify the skills you may need to develop in order to succeed in your studies and your future career.

    You will also have the option to gain a KapPACK Plus Award in either Community or Leadership by carrying out some voluntary work, which demonstrates your ambition and enthusiasm — both things employers love to see.

  • Work experience

    Getting some practical experience is a fantastic way to put the skills you’ve learnt on your course into practice. It’s also one of the best ways to build up your CV!

    Because Kaplan is registered with the Office for Students, you’ll be able to take on paid or unpaid work if you study at one of our colleges in England. You can also apply to become a Kaplan Student Ambassador and connect with aspiring international students through vlogs and social media posts. Either way, you’ll gain transferable skills that you can put on your CV.

These experiences will allow you to develop a broad range of skills that can really help you when you want to start your career.

In fact, in our 2022 student satisfaction survey, 89% of respondents agreed that their programme helped them develop knowledge and skills that will be useful for their future career!

Pathway courses with internships

Employability skills are built into all of our pathway courses. However, if you’d like to study a programme with a work experience placement conveniently included, a pathway course with internship could be the right choice for you.

This programme features academic and English language study, followed by an integrated online internship. The whole course is studied in the UK, and when you successfully complete it at the required level, with good attendance, you’ll progress to your chosen degree.

Gain professional experience

and enhance your CV

18 different career fields

to choose from

3,500 host companies

available in 70 countries worldwide

Internships provided by Virtual Internships

one of Europe's top EdTech companies according to HolonIQ, 2021

If you’d like to apply for a pathway course with internship, simply select your preferred course type from Foundation Certificate, International Year One or Pre-Master’s on the application form, and you’ll then be able to select the option with internship if it is available for your subject area and preferred start date, at your current level of study.


After your pathway course

We’ll keep supporting you even after your course has ended. Once you finish your pathway course you’ll be able to access a special area of the VLE just for Kaplan Pathways alumni, Pathways Extra. With Pathways Extra, you’ll have exclusive access to advice on improving your academic skills and getting ready for university and lots of useful content on topics surrounding employability, all on the Kaplan VLE.

You’ll have opportunities to develop your networking skills, and to gain the Certificate of Achievement from the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs if you didn’t do so during your course. You will also be able to assess your current skills, set employability goals, and see how you can continue to enhance your employability at university.

Your degree and beyond

You’ll be able to continue building your employability skills once you progress to your degree. As part of its careers-focused education, the University of Brighton holds Brighton Works Week, a week of workshops, webinars and exciting virtual events all aimed at making you more employable.

You can also choose to stay in the UK and build your CV for up to 2 years after you graduate with the UK government’s Graduate Route visa. With these experiences and more, you’re sure to have a bright future ahead of you.

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