Pre-Sessional English for direct degree entry

Improve your English language ability and gain valuable skills and knowledge before studying a degree at Bournemouth University (BU), with one of our Pre-Sessional English courses.

Conditional offer holders

If you have an offer for a degree at BU that is conditional on English language, our Pre-Sessional English courses give you the best chance of achieving the level you need to enter the University:

  • The Pre-Sessional English (Fast Track) course focuses on developing your language skills, and is suitable for students who need to achieve an IELTS score of 6.0 with 5.5 in all skills. You can improve your equivalent IELTS score by 1.0 in 12 weeks, or by 0.5 in 6 weeks.
  • The Pre-Sessional English with Study Skills option supports you in enhancing the academic skills you’ll need for UK university study, while also developing your English fluency and accuracy.

The language exam at the end of your Pre-Sessional course is recognised by BU, so you will not need to take another outside exam for visa or enrolment purposes.

Suitability for either course depends on your current language profile, and the requirements you are aiming to meet.


Unconditional offer holders

Studying abroad means getting accustomed to a different education system, meeting new people and immersing yourself in a different culture. If you have an unconditional offer to BU, but would like to enhance your academic skills before beginning your degree, we offer our:

  • Bachelor’s Enhancement Programme (BEP)
  • Master’s Enhancement Programme (MEP).

Both courses are designed to help you develop critical thinking, and academic and English language skills, while helping you adjust to living and studying in Bournemouth.

Reasons to study Pre-Sessional English

Meet the English language conditions of your BU offer

so that you're fully ready for your degree

Specially designed course

to improve your English language and academic skills

Supportive introduction

to life in Bournemouth and the UK

Range of course lengths

to suit different needs and English levels

Study on the BU campus before your degree starts

Bournemouth University International College Pimlada

Pimlada from Thailand

Pre-Sessional English student, progressed to a master’s degree at Bournemouth University

I enjoy studying here because I meet people from many different countries, and I get to use my English. People in Bournemouth are really friendly and have helped me a lot.

Pre-Sessional English course information

Entry requirements: you must hold either a conditional or unconditional degree offer from Bournemouth University. Entry for conditional offer holders is dependent on your current English language level and BU degree offer. See the Pre-Sessional English course information sheets to find out more.

Course length: 2-39 weeks, depending on your English level and degree requirements.

Tuition fees: see the tuition fees page or Pre-Sessional English course information sheets for details.

Assessment: you will be assessed by exams and coursework. These will allow you to track your progress and identify areas for improvement. If you have an offer from BU that is conditional on English language, you will need to pass exams at the level stated on your offer. There is no final exam for unconditional offer holders.

University start dates: September (all courses) or January (selected courses only).

Pre-Sessional English start dates: intakes are available throughout the year (see below for details).

Pre-Sessional English modules

For more detailed module information, visit the pre-arrival area.

How to apply

If you have a conditional offer for a degree at BU, please complete our application form below with the required documents. The University will contact us to advise on your English language needs. We’ll quickly get back to you with an offer for the most appropriate programme length.

If you have an unconditional offer for a degree at BU, please fill in our application form below to express your interest. The University will confirm you have an offer, and we’ll contact you with more information about our Bachelor’s and Master’s Enhancement programmes.

Application Form

If you don’t yet hold an offer, download and complete the Bournemouth University direct application form pdf icon (88 KB) with any accompanying documents. We’ll liaise with the University to see if you are eligible for direct entry, and will be in touch to discuss your Pre-Sessional English programme options.

Find out more about...

  • Visas for Pre-Sessional English

    Visa info for students who have an offer for BU which is conditional on meeting specified English language requirements

    You will require a Tier 4 Student Visa to study this course, unless you are a European passport holder. Kaplan will issue you the CAS to apply for this visa.

    Following successful completion of your Pre-Sessional English programme, you can apply for a new visa to study your degree programme at BU.

    In order to get a Tier 4 visa to study on one of our PSE programmes, you will need to show evidence of your English language level through one of the qualifications on the UKVI SELT list.

    Visa info for students who have an unconditional offer for BU

    If you hold an unconditional offer with BU, the University will issue you with a CAS to apply for one visa to study both the Bachelor’s or Master’s Enhancement Programme and your university degree.

    Please be aware that if you decide to take the Bachelor’s Enhancement Programme or Master’s Enhancement Programme after Bournemouth University has issued you the CAS for your university degree, then you will have to be issued a new CAS. This applies even if the CAS has already been used by the UKVI in preparation for your visa application. If the CAS has been used and a visa issued, BU will still have to issue you a new CAS and you will be requested to apply for a new visa.

    Check the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) website for estimated visa processing times in your home country.

    Please note: students who have previously studied a Pre-Sessional English programme in the UK are unlikely to be permitted to study a second similar programme under UKVI regulations.

  • Visas for your university degree

    While you study your Pre-Sessional English programme, you’ll get help with applying for a new visa for your university degree.You can attend special workshops, and receive support from a fully trained immigration adviser.

  • Progressing to BU from your Pre-Sessional English programme

    Once you successfully complete the programme, and meet the entry requirements for your degree at Bournemouth University following your assessments, you’re guaranteed progression to BU.

    If you hold an unconditional offer for a BU degree, we expect you to complete the Enhancement Programmes through assessments, but the results of these assessments do not affect your university offer.

  • Final exam on your Pre-Sessional English programme

    If your offer to BU is conditional and you are studying a Pre-Sessional English with Study Skills or Pre-Sessional (Fast-Track) course, and you do not pass the exam at the 1st attempt, then you’ll have the opportunity to take the exam again. The exam is split into 4 sections (speaking, reading, listening and writing), so you may only need to retake the section or sections you have failed.

    Your progress will be continually monitored by the expert Kaplan teaching staff, and extra guidance and support will be made available if needed.

  • Where you'll study

    You will study your Pre-Sessional English programme at Bournemouth University International College on the University’s Lansdowne Campus, located close to the town centre and the beach. This means you’re part of the BU community, and you can become familiar with the campus, even before you start your degree.

  • Class sizes

    Classes on Pre-Sessional English programmes normally have no more than 15 students. This allows you to have a good level of interaction with your teacher and classmates.

Still have questions?

If your question is about one of the Pre-Sessional English programmes, please contact us.

If your question is about your Bournemouth University degree offer, please email: [email protected]

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