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Bournemouth University student Mirsa from Panama smilingBournemouth University student Mirsa from Panama smiling

Mirsa’s story

My name is Mirsa and I’m from Panama.

Since I was young, my parents have always encouraged me to go after what I wanted and to chase my dreams.

They have supported me every step of the way. When I decided that I wanted to study abroad, I was met with encouragement and support.

I knew that I didn’t want to study in my home country — I wanted to expand my horizons and study somewhere else. So, I started searching for different universities and comparing degree courses.

In the end, I chose Bournemouth University (BU) in the UK because the degree offered exactly what I was looking for and I could gain extra professional qualifications during the course. The location was also a plus because it’s by the seaside, but ultimately I based my decision on what the course offered me.

When I first arrived in England, I felt excited and nervous about starting a new chapter of my life. I wondered if I was going to adapt easily and make new friends.

I studied the Foundation Certificate for Media and Communications at Bournemouth University International College. This pathway course allowed me to spend some time preparing for university.

As soon as I started my pathway course, I could tell that I was going to enjoy it. The content was so interesting, and the teachers and staff were all extremely helpful and kind.

After my pathway course, I progressed to a bachelor’s degree in Marketing Communications at Bournemouth University (BU).

What I learnt on my pathway course

Studying the Foundation Certificate pathway course helped me understand basic media concepts and media theory. I learnt about semiotics, visual design, web design theory, media ownership, advertising and lots more.

I was also taught about BU Harvard Referencing for essays, which helped me a lot when I progressed to university because it meant that I was already familiar with it and it wasn’t completely new to me.

Doing my pathway course reassured me that I wanted to do Marketing Communications because it allowed me room to develop my creativity, as well as my understanding of the business side of things.

One of the best parts of studying abroad with Kaplan was the support system at the College. There were so many activities on offer to help us meet people, and the staff enhanced my learning with their passion for what they do.

Being a Kaplan Student Content Creator has also helped me build my confidence by taking me out of my comfort zone.

There have been so many highlights of studying abroad, but the best ones have been the experiences I’ve had and friendships I’ve made while doing my course. I progressed to BU in 2019: life at university has been great so far and I’m staying open to new adventures!

What’s next?

My ambitions for the future are still being shaped, but at the moment I’m interested in working in a big corporation focusing on music marketing. Studying this degree abroad is carving the path for me to get wherever I want to go. I am extremely grateful for this amazing opportunity.

“If I could give one bit of advice to students thinking about studying abroad, it would be: go for it!”

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If I could give one bit of advice to students thinking about studying abroad, it would be: go for it! There are times when doubts may overcome your thoughts about whether to do certain things, but I believe you should always strive to do new things if you can.

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