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Fawaz a Law studentFawaz a Law student

How Kaplan Pathways helped me become a lawyer

My name is Fawaz Alkhateeb and I am from Kuwait.  

I studied a Pre-Doctorate preparation course (“Pre-Doc”) at Kaplan International College London (KIC London) to prepare for studying a PhD in Financial Law, and I’d like to share my experience with you.

Studying a Pre-Doc with Kaplan 

The course at Kaplan was profoundly enlightening — it enabled me to delve deeper into my PhD proposal. I explored the historical progression of my topic, incorporated relevant theories, and examined important research.  

Kaplan’s guidance helped me to refine my academic skills as a doctoral candidate, particularly in areas like literature review, research methodology, and academic writing.  

The course consisted of three modules. These involved an extensive PhD proposal and other evaluations, covering interview techniques, academic presentations, and how to write a CV. 

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With Kaplan’s invaluable support, I secured interviews at the University of Liverpool and City, University of London. Eventually, I accepted a position at Queen’s University Belfast. After two years, I transferred to Durham University, alongside my primary supervisor, where I successfully completed my PhD. 

From my Kaplan course to my doctorate at Durham University’s Law School, I’ve seamlessly blended traditional legal knowledge with contemporary legal practices. My doctoral research on financial crime, especially insider dealing from an Islamic perspective, is an example of this fusion. 

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Launching my career  

After earning my PhD, I collaborated with Taher Group Law Firm. As the head of the international department, I oversaw transactions amounting to KWD 2.3 trillion with foreign entities, significantly boosting Kuwait’s economy. 

My commitment to social justice spurred my advocacy for prisoners’ rights, earning me recognition from the UN’s Human Rights Council. I’ve also worked with the World Bank and highlighted women’s economic contributions to Kuwaiti law throughout 2021 and 2022. 

I’ve worked to influence Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) policies, advocating freedom of belief, anti-racism, and women’s rights, along with challenging the misuse of criminal law to impose ideologies. My perspectives are shared in the Arab Times and on platforms such as BBC Arabic, Reuters, Alarabiya, Sky News, and Alhurra

My 2023 nomination by Thomson Reuters as one of the Middle East’s foremost lawyers is a testament to Kaplan’s influence on my journey. Studying with them strengthened my resolve to instigate change in the legal domain and the broader community. 

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Study a Pre-Doc with Kaplan 

If you would like to follow Fawaz and Stephanie’s footsteps and earn a PhD, Kaplan can help. We offer Pre-Doctorate preparation courses at KIC London and the University of Nottingham International College.

You’ll work with expert tutors to shape and refine your research proposal. After successfully completing your Pre-Doc, you are guaranteed an interview at one of our partner universities where your research areas match. 

To learn more, please get in touch with us and a friendly Education Advisor will be happy to explore your options with you. 

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