What are the best universities for Mathematics?

09 Feb 2017 - Barni Homden

Why study a degree in Mathematics?

It’s said that "Mathematics is the language of the universe." Not only is Mathematics a universal language understood across the world, but mathematical equations also govern everything from tiny atoms to entire solar systems.

Because of this, Mathematics will always be one of the most important academic subjects. Knowledge of Mathematics has laid the foundations for many other disciplines, including Engineering, Architecture, Theoretical Physics, Computing and Economics, and is vital to our everyday lives.

A degree from one of the best universities for Mathematics can be hugely beneficial for students interested in a career in any related field, or could pave the way for a lucrative future in research, statistics, stockbroking, accounting or data analysis.

But what are the best universities for Mathematics?

There are many great universities around the world for Mathematics. The UK and USA are home to numerous strong Mathematics departments at internationally renowned and highly regarded universities.

The University of Birmingham in Britain is ranked in the country’s top 10 for Mathematics (Guardian University Guide 2017), and offers a variety of Maths bachelor’s degrees.

Birmingham’s School of Mathematics is also involved in several research projects in the field, including in areas such as algebra, applied analysis, fluid dynamics and statistics. This research helps to strengthen the teaching quality at the University, and provides a rich research environment for Maths students.


In Scotland, the University of Glasgow is an excellent choice for students interested in Mathematics degrees. It is currently ranked 11th in the UK in the field (Complete University Guide 2017), and offers degrees such as Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics and Statistics.

Close behind Glasgow is the University of Nottingham. This Russell Group member is ranked 12th in the UK for Mathematics (Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2017). It has a number of degrees available for students, including Financial Mathematics for those interested in a career in stockbroking and finance.

The University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol also has a strong ranking in the discipline, sitting within the UK’s top 25 (Guardian 2017). UWE’s careers-focused approach to education is designed to ensure Maths graduates have the skills and experience needed to pursue a successful career in research, finance, banking, statistical research and more.

In the United States, students can study a Mathematics degree at Northeastern University. The University’s College of Science carries out extensive research in areas such as algebra, topology, statistics and geometry, making it a great options for both bachelor’s and master’s students.

The Department of Mathematics at the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma also carries out groundbreaking research, most recently in information security. This makes for an excellent environment for Maths students, and there are many related degrees to choose from.

How to study Mathematics in the UK or USA

If you’re an international student, consider how a degree from a top UK or US university could lay the foundation for a successful future.

Find Mathematics degrees in the UK or use our US degree finder to find Mathematics degrees in the USA. You could study at one of the best universities for Mathematics abroad, and even go on to solve the important mathematical problems of the future.

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