What are the best universities for Chemistry?

02 Feb 2017 - Barni Homden

Why study a degree in Chemistry?

Chemistry is the study of the composition, structure and properties of matter. It explores interactions between substances, chemical reactions and how matter is altered.

Chemistry is sometimes referred to as the ‘central science’ as it connects Physics, Geology and Biology. Because it's important in so many fields, students of Chemistry can go on to a range of exciting careers as chemists, forensic scientists, toxicologists, research scientists and healthcare scientists, to name a few.

But what are the best universities for Chemistry?

The USA and Britain both have strong university systems offering highly regarded degrees in Chemistry.

International students interested in a US Chemistry degree have great options. Northeastern University is situated in the heart of Boston, a premier location for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and high-tech industries. Northeastern also offers the chance for Chemistry undergraduates to join a unique 5-year BS/MS program that includes significant industry and research experience.

In the UK, the University of York is considered one of the best universities for Chemistry, and is ranked 4th overall in the discipline (Complete University Guide 2017).

The University’s Chemistry department has a comprehensive, modern set of laboratories, and conducts important research in the field. In fact, the Research Excellence Framework placed the department in the UK’s top 10 for research impact in 2014, contributing to the University of York’s impressive reputation in Chemistry.

The University of Liverpool is another highly regarded British university, ranked 7th in the country for Chemistry (Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2017). Liverpool offers many related degrees, including Chemistry, Biochemistry and Ocean Sciences.

Also in the UK’s top 10 for Chemistry is the University of Nottingham (Guardian 2017). Like York and Liverpool, it is a member of the prestigious Russell Group, and has an extensive Chemistry department. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees such as Chemical Engineering, Neuroscience and Pharmacy.

These are not the only UK universities with strong rankings in Chemistry. The University of Birmingham is in the UK's top 15 (Guardian 2017), while the University of Glasgow ranks in the top 20 (Times and Sunday Times 2017). These Russell Group members both offer a wide range of Chemistry degrees.

How to study Chemistry in the UK or US

If you’re interested in the sciences, and would like to pursue a career in Chemistry, a degree from one of best universities for Chemistry in the UK or US is a fantastic place to start.

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