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What are the best universities for Chemistry?

27 Jan 2021 - Barni Homden

Because it’s important in so many fields, a Chemistry degree from a top university could open up many job opportunities to you. Here are some of the best universities for Chemistry degrees in the UK and USA.

What are the best universities for Chemistry degrees in the UK?

The UK has a strong university system, home to traditional red brick universities and innovative young universities alike, many of which are highly ranked for Chemistry.

Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham Trent University students

For example, Nottingham Trent University, located in the small and friendly city of Nottingham ranks 19th in the UK for Chemistry (Complete University Guide 2021). Here, you can study a bachelor’s degree in subjects such as Biochemistry and Chemistry.

There are plenty of reasons to study Chemistry at NTU. Not only does the University rank an impressive top 15 in the UK for student satisfaction (Guardian University Guide 2021), but in 2019 it also won the Guardian’s University of the Year award!

University of Bristol

The University of Bristol, a prestigious Russell Group member, ranks 5th in the UK for Chemistry (Guardian University Guide 2021).

On Bristol’s beautiful campus, you can study Chemistry and Biochemistry at undergraduate or graduate level. Bristol Chemistry degrees are very customisable, giving you the option to pick a specialism, such as Biotechnology or Scientific Computing. You’ll also have the option to spend an optional year working in industry during your degree, gaining vital work experience, or broaden your educational horizons by spending a year studying abroad.

The University of Bristol is also among the UK’s top 10 most targeted university by top employers (High Fliers Research 2021), so a degree from here will help you stand out when you’re looking for a job.

University of Birmingham

Ranked 16th in the UK for Chemistry (Complete University Guide 2o21), the University of Birmingham enjoys a fantastic global reputation. This is thanks in part to its membership of the elite Russell Group, which demonstrates the University’s commitment to excellence in research.

Based on a beautiful, leafy campus just outside the centre of Birmingham, the University offers a wide range of chemistry-related degrees. At the undergraduate level, you can choose Biochemistry, Chemistry with Pharmacology or Medical Biochemistry. At postgraduate level, you have options such as Chemistry and Chemistry with Business Management.

Some Birmingham degrees also offer the option of an industrial placement or a period of study abroad, allowing you to gain extra experience while you learn. Perhaps this is why Birmingham is currently the UK’s #1 most targeted university by prestigious employers (High Fliers 2021).

University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow students

The University of Glasgow also has a strong reputation for Chemistry, and ranks 6th in the UK for the subject (Complete University Guide 2021).

This Russell Group member offers a wide range of Chemistry degrees like Chemistry and Mathematics and Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry at bachelor’s and master’s degree level.

Glasgow is the ideal destination if you enjoy a metropolitan lifestyle, as it’s based in Scotland’s largest destination. The University was also named Scottish University of the Year in 2018 (Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide)!

University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool is considered one of the best in the UK for Chemistry, and ranks 8th overall in the discipline (Complete University Guide 2021).

Liverpool also offers many related degrees, including Biochemistry, Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry. By choosing Liverpool, you’ll enjoy a lively city location, at the first official red brick university.

University of Nottingham

students in Nottingham

Also in the UK’s top 10 for Chemistry is the University of Nottingham, which ranks 11th (Complete University Guide 2021). It’s also the 4th most-targeted UK university by top employers (High Fliers 2021)

Like Bristol, Birmingham and Liverpool, it is a member of the prestigious Russell Group and has an extensive Chemistry department. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees such as Biochemistry and Genetics, Green and Sustainable Chemistry, and Industrial Physical Biochemistry.

The University of Nottingham is an excellent choice for international students — it was named International University of the Year in the Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide in 2019.

University of York

Finally, the University of York is another highly regarded British university, ranking 5th in the UK for Chemistry (Complete University Guide 2021).

The University’s Chemistry department has a comprehensive, modern set of laboratories, and conducts important research in the field. In fact, the Research Excellence Framework placed the department in the UK’s top 10 for research impact!

York is a famously scenic, historic city that’s very student-friendly. At the University, you could study Chemistry subjects like Chemistry, Biological and Medicinal Chemistry, Chemistry, Green Principles and Sustainable Processes and Chemistry, the Atmosphere and the Environment.

On many degrees, you can also choose to spend a year in industry, or a year studying abroad. This is a fantastic opportunity to customise your degree and gain more practical and international experience, which employers will appreciate.

Best universities for Chemistry degrees in the USA

International students interested in a US Chemistry degree have great options too, including well-ranked institutions with a fantastic reputation.

Arizona State University

Based in sunny Phoenix, Arizona State University is a great option for international students who want to study a Chemistry degree in the USA. Students have access to world-class facilities including the best collection of electron microscopes and instruments for solid state analysis in the USA, and one of the best ultrafast laser facilities in the world.

Ranked in impressive 52nd in the USA for the subject (U.S. News & World Report 2021), you can study degrees including Biochemistry, Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry at ASU.

ASU is also the #1 most innovative university in the USA (U.S. News & World Report, 2016-2021) and its major research goal in the field of chemistry is to develop molecular level solutions to major real-world societal problems, in areas such as energy, sustainability, diagnosis of disease, sensing and detection, and the environment.

Pace University

students in Pace University

Pace University is situated in the heart of New York City, a premier location for many of the world’s top businesses, providing you with easy access to internships. In fact, Pace students complete more than 8,000 internships and work experiences per year!

Pace offers degrees in Chemistry for undergraduate and graduate students, approved by the American Chemical Society (ACS) . The University is in the top 10% of US universities for salary potential (Payscale 2018–19), meaning a degree from Pace could be a lucrative investment in your future.

How to enter a Chemistry Degree in the UK or USA

If you would like to pursue a career in Chemistry, a degree from one of the best universities for Chemistry is a fantastic place to start.

Kaplan offers pathway courses to prepare you for degree study abroad. Why not explore the Chemistry degrees in the UK or find Chemistry degrees in the USA using our degree finder? You could go on to develop life-saving medicines, carry out important research, or even discover a new element to add to the periodic table!

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