What are the best universities for Computer Science?

09 Feb 2017 - Barni Homden

Why study a degree in Computer Science?

Computers have undeniably become a huge part of everyday life, existing in our phones, cars and television sets. Computer Science is therefore a very important subject, and that won’t be changing anytime soon.

Learning about computers and computer technology is now an essential part of everyone’s education. A degree from one of the best universities for Computer Science can not only prepare you for a related career, but also for the technological advances of the future.

But what are the best universities for Computer Science?

Computer Science has been a staple of schooling in the UK for years, and the country has many great Computer Science degrees available at top universities.

In Scotland, the University of Glasgow is ranked in the UK’s top 10 for Computer Science (Complete University Guide 2017). Students can prepare for the technology of the future with degrees such as Informatics, Mobile Software Engineering and Biotechnology.

Also highly regarded for its Computer Science degrees is the University of York, which is ranked in the UK top 15 in the subject (Guardian University Guide 2017). With great computer facilities, international students can choose from varied degrees, including Electronic and Computer Engineering, and Computer Science. Many degrees include a year of work experience in the industry.

Bournemouth University (BU) offers students on Computer Science degrees excellent facilities, with cutting-edge technology and a guaranteed work experience placement. Its strength in computer animation is widely recognised, and many BU graduates go on to do effects for Hollywood films.

Bournemouth offers a particularly wide range of Computer Science degrees, including Business Information Technology, Games Programming, Software Engineering, and Forensic Computing and Security.

Also offering good degrees in Computer Science, the University of Nottingham is ranked in the UK’s top 25 (Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2017).

In the USA, Northeastern University has a well-equipped Computer Science department and is highly regarded for its degrees, particularly in Game Design. The University carries out wide-ranging research in the field, including in robotics, software engineering, games, artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning.

How to study Computer Science in the UK or USA

Anyone interested in technology and computer systems can find a great related degree in the UK or USA to help launch their career. Kaplan offers preparation courses for international students who want to enter leading universities abroad.

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