University of Essex International College Pre-Sessional English

Pre-Sessional English for a University of Essex degree

Improve your English language level and academic skills ahead of starting your University of Essex degree with a Pre-Sessional English (PSE) course.

Why might you need
Pre-Sessional English?

A range of Pre-Sessional English courses are available for students with a conditional and unconditional offer to study at the University of Essex. Here are some reasons to take a PSE course! 

  • A PSE course will help you to improve your English language level, and academic and writing skills, so you feel prepared for higher-level study. 
  • If you study in person, you’ll become familiar with Essex and the campus before you progress to your degree. 
  • If you have an unconditional offer to study at the University, you can still take a Pre-Sessional course to boost your confidence before you start your degree. 
  • All PSE courses are taught on campus at the University of Essex International College.

Boost your English language level 

to be ready for university 

Experience life in your study destination before your degree 

and adapt to life in the UK 

Meet the conditions of your offer   

to study your University of Essex degree

Progress to a bachelor’s or master’s degree

when you successfully complete your PSE course

Increase your confidence

before you start your degree 

Enjoy an international environment  

at the University of Essex International College 

Pre-Sessional English course options

Pre-Sessional courses for unconditional offer holders

Apply now for Pre-Sessional English

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How to improve your English

We’ve got lots of tips to help you enhance your English outside of your course. 

Gray, Cutlery

9 tips to help you improve your English

Read our handy guide with useful tips that are easy to put into practice. 

5 min read 

Any other questions

What happens when I complete my course? 

When you successfully pass your PSE course, meeting the entry requirements for your degree, you’re guaranteed to progress to the University of Essex. 

What if I have an unconditional offer? 

You can still study a PSE course to build your confidence and prepare for your degree. 

Where will I live during my course?

When you study at the University of Essex International College, we’ll help you to find a safe, comfortable and convenient place to stay.