When applying for a UK study visa, some students will have a credibility interview. This is so UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) can be sure that you are a genuine student.

The questions will be about you, your motivations for studying and your background. There is absolutely no need to be nervous about this interview, but it helps to be prepared. There are no right or wrong answers; just be enthusiastic, be relaxed, and above all, be yourself!

Personal information questions:

Questions on your reasons for studying in the UK:

  • Why did you decide to study in the UK?

    Think carefully about this question as non-specific reasons are not acceptable. Be very clear about your choice and carefully consider your reasons. Give examples of how studying in the UK will be better than studying in your home country or another country.

  • Why did you choose this university?

    Make sure that you have researched the university. Give personal and credible reasons as to why you want to study there. If you want to discuss any features or facilities of the university that attracted you, make sure that you have researched them and are confident in your knowledge.

Questions about your research and knowledge of studying in the UK:


Working while studying

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