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Report shows why you should study abroad in the UK

International graduates of UK universities are “satisfied with all aspects of their lives”, according to a Universities UK International survey. Read the results to find out more about why you should study abroad in the UK!

International Graduate Outcomes Report 

The International Graduate Outcomes Report is based on the results of a survey carried out for the first time in 2019 by Universities UK International.

Responses were gathered from a huge 16,199 international graduates, representing 189 countries around the world, who all came to study in the UK.

The results suggest that student satisfaction with support, improved job prospects and increased salary potential are among the top reasons why you may benefit from studying in the UK.

High rates of satisfaction

One of the most exciting results of the survey was just how satisfied international graduates were with their UK study experience. An impressive 90% of international graduates were satisfied with their learning experience and the support they received from their universities.

Plus, 90% of all the graduates surveyed also reported that they were either “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with all aspects of their life following their study abroad experience in the UK!

Why study in the UK

Great support

offered at UK universities

Boost your career

a UK degree can help make you more attractive to employers

Earn more

many international graduates of UK universities enjoy a “salary premium”

Better job prospects — at home and abroad

The report also suggests that one of the reasons why you should study abroad in the UK is that it could boost your job prospects. 83% of the graduates surveyed said that their UK qualification helped them to get their job.

87% of respondents also said they were more likely to do business internationally as a result of studying abroad in the UK.

This could be because of connections they made while studying, because living in the UK helped them improve their English language level, or because their international experience means they are better able to communicate with people from a wide range of cultures.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that studying in the UK could help you make connections all over the world!

Increased salary potential

One of the biggest benefits of studying in the UK is the salary you can expect to earn when you start your career.

The report explained that graduates of UK universities enjoy a “salary premium” when they return home to work. This means that on average, they earn more than their peers in the same country who didn’t study abroad.

For example, US students who studied their degree in the UK earn 50% more on average than their peers who studied in the United States. Meanwhile, Nigerian students with a UK degree can expect to earn up to a massive 722% more than their peers when they return home!

The results of the International Graduate Outcomes Report are based on the responses of international graduates from 58 UK universities that participated in the study, and 8 of those institutions are Kaplan Pathways university partners.

You can read more about these universities, including how you can gain entry to a degree at each of them, by following the links below.

How to study in the UK

If you’re an international student and would like to study in the UK, we can help! We offer pathway courses that can help you gain entry to a UK degree, even if your current grades or English language level don’t meet the requirements.

Click on the links below to see all of our fantastic UK university partners, or to read more about why you should study abroad in the UK!

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