My name is William and I’m from Vietnam. I was an international student at Pace University in New York. I could not have got there without transfer admission, so I’m going to tell you exactly how transfer admission helped me!

Studying the Global Pathways Program at Pace

When I was applying to study in the USA, the Global Pathways program at Pace was the best choice for me. For international students, languages are the key to success, so Global Pathways is the perfect place for students who are not fluent English-speakers.
Studying there prepares you for university and helps you get the grades you need to attend a US university. You don’t just learn English, you have classes in areas like mathematics, history, culture as well, so that you can build a solid foundation before starting your degree.

Becoming a transfer student

I thought I would need to re-start my studies in the USA, even though I was a sophomore at my old university in Vietnam. I never imagined that I would be able to transfer to Pace. However, when I submitted my documents to Pace University, they saw my study record and immediately classified me as a transfer student.

Explainer video: What is Transfer Admission?

Then, I just needed to send through the syllabus of courses I took in my previous university so they could find relevant courses at Pace. And, for courses where I earned a grade C or above, Pace gave me credits! The process was really simple and quick with help from my Global Pathways advisor.
So, that’s how transfer admission helped me! After completing the Global Pathway Program, I transferred into year 2 of my undergraduate degree at Pace University. It worked out so well for me because it meant that I didn’t lose any time. I have now graduated from Pace with my bachelor’s in Economics degree and I’m excited for the future.

Learn more about transfer admission

If you think you might qualify for transfer admission to a US university, then you should consider applying through Kaplan. They offer support and advice that can make the process simple for you. You can speak to an education advisor to learn more — they are really friendly and helpful!