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How studying abroad helped me grow as a person

Hi, everyone! My name is Meshack and I’m from Kenya. I’m currently studying a bachelor’s degree in International Hospitality Management at Bournemouth University.
I’m so grateful that I took the opportunity to study abroad. It’s been an exciting way to learn about my field while discovering the world, meeting new people and exploring new cultures.

I want to share how studying abroad helped me grow as a person.

New experiences, culture and people

Studying abroad comes with a mix of emotions. Leaving your family, friends and community behind can be daunting but as time goes on, you immerse yourself in your new environment.

As an international student, putting yourself in an unfamiliar situation can be challenging. Missing the food back home, having culture shock, and not being able to balance your study and social life are real-life experiences that international students can have when they study abroad.

Adapting to your new situation and familiarising yourself with the food, language and people is important. Things that I have found helpful are building strong relationships with like-minded people. They can help you settle in, motivate you on your course and allow you to be part of a community.

Connecting with similar individuals has given me the space to share my thoughts and listen to opinions without prejudice or bias. It has encouraged me to continuously learn new things, make great memories and become a better person.

Like any new person in the UK, I gradually adjusted to the way of life and familiarised myself with British culture. Compared to Kenya, there are noticeable differences with things like timing, the way British people behave, and the food they eat. The mix of traditions is what makes British culture so rich and I’m glad I’ve immersed myself in it!

Studying abroad is a fantastic opportunity

Having a growth mindset helps you make the most of studying abroad. Being ready to welcome and absorb new information enables you to flourish in life. Living in a foreign country has allowed me to broaden my horizons, appreciate different cultures and learn so much about life. It’s an experience I would never take for granted!
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