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6 podcasts to listen to in Black History Month (and beyond)

Black History Month has been celebrated in the UK in October since 1987. It provides a platform to celebrate the achievements of black people, which for many years have been overlooked in the teaching of history. It is an excellent opportunity to put a spotlight on the contributions of the UK’s Black community across science, politics and the arts.

If you want to learn more about the issues surrounding race in the UK, then listening to podcasts is a great way to do it! Take a look below at our list of 6 podcasts to listen to in Black History Month and beyond.

Listening to podcasts is also a great way to improve your English level and your listening skills. In addition, the shows that feature on this list address important issues, so they can help you enhance your ability to think critically — a skill that’s vital at university!

1. Anthems

A great podcast to start listening to in Black History Month is Anthems. It’s a collection of powerful speeches, stories and manifestos, which are written and spoken by influential Black people in the UK.

Each episode deals with a different topic: from occupying space and finding a sense of belonging, to respect and gratitude. These thought-provoking and inspiring personal tales celebrate the human experience, and give you the chance to understand someone else’s world.

With 4 series and episodes that are around 5–10 minutes long, you can easily make your way through this podcast, and feel inspired by people like writers Afua Hirsch and Bernardine Evaristo.

2. About Race

Acclaimed author Reni Eddo-Lodge, who wrote the bestselling book Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race, recorded her podcast About Race to take this conversation a step further.

It was a one-off series but it is an essential podcast to listen to in Black History Month. The episodes provide a platform for key voices to discuss anti-racism, activism and the events that have led to today’s political landscape.

The thoughtful discussions are eye-opening and well worth listening to if you want to broaden your outlook and your understanding of racism in the UK.

3. The Black History Buff Podcast

The Black History Buff Podcast is a fascinating podcast that covers “the full historical tapestry of the African Diaspora” with tales about everything from African Samurai to pistol-wielding poets.

The show’s creator Kur Lewis is a British man who started the podcast when he began to teach his son about his past and discovered that much of the information was either inaccessible or biased. He decided to carefully research Black history from around the world and tell the often-forgotten stories of inspirational Black people.

The variety of topics makes it a truly interesting podcast, which can help you learn more about black history in 10-30 minute bitesize episodes.

4. Slay In Your Lane

Slay In Your Lane is the podcast from award-winning authors Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinené, who wrote the inspirational book of the same name.

The podcast explores topical news and popular culture from a Black British female perspective. It addresses some of the same themes that appear in their book, which is a guide to life for young Black women. The best friends discuss issues including navigating the workplace, finances, education, health, relationships and dating.

It’s a warm and open podcast, which makes you feel like you’re having a conversation with your friends about current affairs and life in general!

5. The Black History Month Podcast 2020

The Black History Month Podcast 2020 is a special podcast from one of our partner universities, the University of Liverpool. The episodes feature conversations with influential Black woman in Liverpool, including the city’s first Black Member of Parliament, Kim Johnson.

These inspirational women share stories of their own personal development and offer insights into their respective journeys. You can listen to them discuss their achievements and the expertise they have gained in their particular fields, as well as racism and anti-racism in Liverpool.

6. Mixed Up

The final podcast in our list of podcasts to listen to in Black History Month and beyond, is Mixed Up. Describing itself as “a podcast for mixed race people everywhere and for anyone looking for a deeper insight into race and identity”, it’s presented by Emma and Nicole who are two mixed race women living in the UK.

They were looking for a space to talk about their experiences of being mixed race and couldn’t find anything they could relate to. That’s when they decided to create Mixed Up.

In each episode, Emma and Nicole discuss different issues facing mixed race people, including beauty standards, how mixed race people are portrayed in popular culture, and identity.

It’s an inclusive podcast that has filled a gap and helps to open up the dialogue about being mixed race.

Learn more about Black History Month

Hopefully you feel inspired by our list of podcasts to listen to in Black History Month and will continue to listen to some or all of them long after October! If you want to know more about Black History Month, then you can visit the official website, where you’ll find lots of resources, information and remarkable stories.

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