Kaplan’s work with sponsors

Sponsoring a student with Kaplan

If you want to sponsor international students for a pathway course and onward degree, let us show you why partnering with Kaplan is a great choice. We work closely with sponsorship bodies, providing exceptional levels of service.

Whether you are a government or corporate sponsor, we work to ensure sponsored students succeed at university, and are equipped with the knowledge and skills to make them highly valuable assets to your organisation.

We have helped sponsors from all over the world grow and develop their organisations by supporting students in acquiring a fantastic education and an international mindset.

60+ sponsors

have worked with us in recent years

20 different countries

represented by our sponsors' students

2 academic reports per term

to inform you of your students' progress

1 dedicated point of contact

to make communication quick and easy

Laura Matta, Sponsor Liason Manager

Mrs Laura Matta

Sponsor Liaison Manager

I provide tailored support to sponsoring organisations and their students. I ensure sponsored students are given expert advice and care, while giving personalised service to government and corporate sponsors all over the world.

Pre-enrolment services

We’re committed to helping sponsorship organisations grow and develop, and to supporting their students to follow their path to academic and career success.

  • Dedicated point of contact: all communications come through 1 person, who will take care of most administrative matters. They will work with you on any steps that you need to take, and streamline the process as much as possible.
  • Expert advice from professionals: we’ll consult with sponsors and students throughout the application process, helping you to decide what your best option is, and how to achieve the best results.
  • Sponsor visits to university partners: we organise trips for sponsors to our university partners. These trips can allow you to feel secure in the knowledge that the student will return having succeeded at university, and equipped with valuable skills and knowledge. We can also arrange to meet with you in your country.


Post-enrolment services

We work closely with our university partners – many featuring in the world’s top 1% of elite universities – to ensure that students get the most out of their studies.

  • Designated sponsor liaison: there will be dedicated staff at each college, responsible for keeping you up to date with student progress.
  • Academic reports: we take great pride in our commitment to students, and carefully monitor their attendance, welfare and academic performance. This allows us to identify any gaps in their education, and fully prepare them for their degree. You’ll receive a minimum of 2 academic reports each term, to keep you updated, or more if it is deemed necessary.
  • Regular updates: in addition to bi-termly reports, we update sponsorship bodies regularly on many different areas. From high performance to low attendance, we keep sponsors fully up-to-date with all aspects of their students’ progress
  • Tutorial support: our one-to-one tutorial support at our colleges is tailored for each individual student’s needs. This means we can quickly identify areas of focus for sponsored students, maximising their potential for university success.


Sponsors we work with

We work closely with a wide range of government and corporate bodies around the world. Our sponsor partners include:

  • Higher Education Institute of Qatar
  • Kuwaiti Cultural Attaché
  • Oman Cultural Attaché
  • Qatar Defence Attaché
  • Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau
  • Saudi ARAMCO (Saudi Arabian national petroleum and natural gas company)
  • SENESCYT (Ecuadorian government sponsor)
  • Sonangol (state-run Angolan oil and gas company)
  • United Arab Emirates Military Attaché


Work with us

If you want to sponsor a student to gain a prestigious degree from an excellent university with Kaplan, please contact our Sponsor Liaison Manager.

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