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Other universities in the USA 

In addition to the main routes to degrees at our partner universities, we have links with other US universities that could suit your circumstances. Learn more about the other study routes you could take. 

Northeastern University

Find your route to a Northeastern degree through Kaplan. You could apply for degree admission to a bachelor’s or master’s degree, or apply for transfer admission to a bachelor’s degree. 

There are also degree preparation options for students who need to meet requirements for entry to a bachelor’s degree.

While Northeastern’s main campus is located in Boston, some master’s degree students have the option to study at Northeastern’s Seattle campus or Silicon Valley campus. 

The outside of Northeastern University campus

Overseas degree studied locally

If you want to gain an EdD from a prestigious US university, but would prefer to study full-time in your home region, Kaplan’s higher education centre in Hong Kong SAR is an ideal solution. You can gain a fully accredited US degree close to home, and even attend a graduation ceremony on campus if you like! 

Hong Kong SAR

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