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Other routes to universities

There are several options for students who want to study at other universities, study a degree online, stay close to home for their degree, or who simply wish to keep their options open. If you have a specific university in mind, or would like to consider different universities, we have a number of routes that could interest you.

Universities in the UK and Ireland

Do you want to gain entry to other universities in the UK and Ireland? We have options allowing you to study either in the UK or your home region.

  • Foundation courses recognised by all UK universities

    Are you unsure where you want to go to university? With our flexible foundation courses, you can decide where to study your degree while you prepare, giving you more freedom to choose.

    The Multi-Progression Pathway (MPP) foundation offers you preparation for, and entry to, a bachelor’s degree. It gives you the chance to apply to any UK university, and we’ll help you to find the destination that best suits you. You can make your decision during your MPP course, which is offered at our international college in Bournemouth. Find out more about Multi-Progression Pathway courses.

    Alternatively, MPW offers university foundation courses, which are one-year programmes designed to improve your academic skills, subject knowledge and English language level, so that you’re ready for your undergraduate degree. Through the University of London International Foundation at MPW, you can apply to any appropriate university in the UK.

  • Northern Consortium of UK Universities (NCUK)

    The Northern Consortium of UK Universities (NCUK) is a group of prestigious British universities. You can gain entry to the following NCUK member universities in 1 of 2 ways:

    Both courses are designed to give you the skills you need to gain a place on a UK degree, and to succeed when you get there. Once you successfully complete your preparation course in Birmingham or Japan, you’ll transfer to the campus of your chosen NCUK university for your degree.

  • A-levels and GCSEs

    If you want a globally recognised qualification that’s accepted by all UK universities, you can study A levels with MPW. A levels allow you to apply to any suitable UK university. You’ll typically study 3 to 5 subjects from a selection of over 30 available, and benefits from special workshops and activities designed around the needs of international students.

    In addition, MPW offers GCSEs, which are internationally respected secondary-level qualifications. With GCSEs at MPW, you can progress to further education, including A levels and foundation courses.

  • UK university degrees online

    With online learning, you can take a university degree completely online. Study with Kaplan Open Learning, and you’ll have access to full bachelor’s and master’s degrees, awarded and accredited by respected UK universities.

    You can study in your home country, and fit your learning around your existing commitments, such as work and family responsibilities. The degree you’ll receive at the end of your studies is the exact same degree that you would get if you studied at that university on campus, so you’re not missing out!

    Find out more about online degrees available through Kaplan Open Learning in partnership with:

  • University degrees studied in Hong Kong or Singapore

    If you want to gain a degree from a prestigious British or Irish university, but want to study full-time in your home region, Kaplan’s higher education centres in Singapore and Hong Kong are an ideal solution. You can gain a fully accredited degree from your chosen university close to home, and even attend a graduation ceremony on campus if you like!

    Degree options in Hong Kong


    Degree options in Singapore

Universities in the USA

Do you want to gain entry to other US universities? We have additional options for degree study in America.

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