Terms and conditions Deposits and refund policy for UBIFP

University of Bristol International Foundation Programme Deposits and Refund Policy

The Deposit and Refund policy and form for the University of Bristol International Foundation Programme can be found in the PDF at the link immediately above. Please note that this policy relates to the deposit payment only. 

The deposit is non-transferable and non-refundable except under the circumstances outlined below. 
In line with UK money laundering laws any fee paid will only be refunded to the person or body who paid the fee.

A. Your right to cancel 

For the purposes of the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, if this Agreement is a ‘distance contract‘ or and ‘off premises contract‘, you have the right to cancel your acceptance of it within a period of 14 days after you have accepted the terms of this Agreement without giving us any reason. 

To meet the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient for you to have sent your cancellation before the 14-day 
period has expired. 

B. Refusal of a student visa 

Refunds will be made to students who have been refused a student visa, provided the reason for refusal is not due to a fraudulent application. To request a refund, candidates must submit a copy of the visa refusal document to the University. 

C. University cancels programme 

If the University cancels the programme for which the applicant has accepted an offer, then all fees paid will be refunded. 

D. Deferral to later session 

D1 – If the student arrives and wishes to defer to a later session, this is treated as a failure to attend the course they have been accepted for. The deposit will be forfeited and treated as a withdrawal (see below). The student will then need to apply again for the later programme and pay a new deposit at the new rate for the course and be liable for the full fees for that programme. The UK Border Agency will be notified that they are not studying at the University. This policy will only be varied if the applicant produces evidence of genuine grounds for deferral; this will include the late issue of the visa. 

D2 – If the student has not yet arrived and notifies the Faculty Office that they wish to defer to a later session, the deposit may be carried forward for one year. Should the student choose to defer for a second year the deposit will be forfeited and treated as a withdrawal (see below). The student will then need to apply again for the later programme and pay a new deposit at the new rate for the course and be liable for the full fees for that programme. The UK Home Office will be notified that they are not studying at the University. 

E. Student fails to meet academic conditions of the offer 

If the applicant has applied for an international foundation programme, paid the tuition fee deposit and does not meet the academic conditions of the offer, the deposit will not be refunded; students should only pay the deposit where they are confident the conditions will be met. 

F. Failure to attend at the start of the programme, or withdrawal after enrolment 

No refund will be made. The UK Border Agency will be informed that the student is not enrolled on the expected programme 

G. Administration Fee 

Other than in the circumstances set out at above under A, B and C, Tuition Fee Deposits are non-refundable prior to enrolment. Any refunds in accordance with points B and C above are subject to a £200 cancellation fee which will be deducted from your refund amount. This reflects the costs of processing your refund. 

Applying for a refund – guidance for students 

Am I eligible for a refund? 

Please refer to deposits and refund policy to check if you meet the criteria for refund 

How do I apply for a refund? 

Request a refund application form from either your Admissions Manager, a member of the college services team or by sending an email to PathwaysUKaccounts@kaplan.com 

 Return the completed refund application form along with any supporting documentation to where you requested it from. 

What is the supporting documentation? 

Supporting documentation could be some or all of the following depending on the size of the refund

Refund Application FormSigned by student For refund over £2,000 the original payor must also sign the form
Proof of bank accountFor account that funds will be refunded into. Statement or letter must be issued from the bank confirming account information
Proof of original payment (refunds over £2,000 only)If proof of bank account above does not show the original payment, we need proof of the original payment to ensure funds are being returned to the original account

Why do you need proof of bank account?

We need proof of the bank account to ensure that we are paying the funds into the correct account. It ensures accuracy as we often get transposition errors on the form or the numbers are difficult to read. This reduces the risk of error and the bank rejecting the payment.

What is a bank proof?

A bank proof is an official document from the issuing bank that confirms the account name, IBAN, account number and sort code where applicable. It will be on paper that has the bank’s letterhead on it or on paper that has been stamped by the bank. Screenshots from online banking will also be sufficient to confirm account details.

What is the difference between a proof of bank account and proof of original payment?

These can be the same thing. A bank proof confirms the bank details as mentioned above, whereas the proof of original payment also shows the original payment to Kaplan. This is to tie the account that the money originated from to the one we are paying into.
Often a proof of original payment will only show part of the account details and account name. Therefore it is not always sufficient to be used as proof of bank account, hence the need for proof of bank account.

Can you transfer the funds into a different bank account?

Refunds shall be processed in GBP to the originating bank account that the Student or the person paying on the Student’s behalf used to make his or her original payment to Kaplan. Kaplan will not issue a refund to any person other than the original payor unless written authorisation is received from the original payor to do so.

How long will my refund take?

Refunds can take up to 6 weeks to process from the point we receive the full and complete paperwork.