Terms and conditions Terms and Conditions for the Global Pathways Program at Pace University

Terms and Conditions for the Global Pathways Program at Pace University 

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before completing the prospective student form to begin your application to the Global Pathways Program at Pace University. 

1. Rules and Regulations 

Global Pathways students are subject to the rules and regulations governing Pace University. 

2. Vacations and Absences 

If you are absent during the program, no refund will be made for the time missed. Periods of absence cannot be made up with a free extension of the course. You must fill out withdrawal paperwork and notify your advisor of your plans to leave the program. You will at that time be subject to the program’s cancellation/refund policy. 

3. Public Holidays

Classes are not normally held and most school facilities are closed on national holidays.
Compensation will not be made for classes not offered at Pace University on the holidays.

4. Prices 

Global Pathways has the right to change prices due to tax increases, governmental actions, or other events beyond Global Pathways control. 

5. Books and Learning Materials 

You need to purchase all books and learning materials upon arrival at Pace University. 

6. Admission 

Once you have ENROLLED IN the Global Pathways Program, you will not be eligible to CHANGE YOUR ADMISSION TO direct entry to Pace University for the same entry semester. You will be required to complete your Global Pathways Program.

7. Expulsion/Suspension 

Any student who commits a criminal offence, violates the student conduct code, has a very poor attendance record, does not pass their pathways program or fails to pay an amount he or she is directly or indirectly liable to pay in order to undertake the course, may be expelled or suspended. No refund will be given and immigration authorities will be informed. 

8. Progression 

Students must meet the progression requirements for their current term in Global Pathways before successfully completing each term. Students may be required to take an additional English language course instead of an academic credit course whenever they do not meet the ESL course progression standards necessary to enter the next term. In this case, the student will transfer fewer academic credits to their eventual degree program.  Should a Global Pathways student not progress in any given term, the student will be required to continue Global Pathways studies for an additional term, and upon successful completion may progress. Additionally, if a student exceeds the allowed number of absences in their classes, they might not be able to progress to the next level of the program and, depending on the length of their absence, might jeopardize their F-1 status. 

9. Refund Policy 

Global Pathways follows Pace University’s refund/cancellation policy for undergraduate and graduate students. All refunds will be made within 45 days of written notification. 

10. Accommodation Refund Policy 

Homestay Refunds 

If a student wishes to cancel they must give 2 weeks (14 days) of notice prior to your arrival date to get a full refund. Less than 2 weeks notice results in a flat $250 cancellation fee before the scheduled arrival date. In the case of visa denial, students will not be charged a cancellation fee, provided they send the Director the visa denial letter. If the student does not cancel and does not show up on the scheduled arrival date, they will be charged a $250 “no show” fee plus 2 weeks accommodation. Similarly, if the student arrives and gives notice of early departure, they will be charged for the number of days they have stayed plus 2 weeks of accommodation. 

Pace University NYC Residence Hall Refunds 

For Pace Residence Hall cancellations, Students must log in to MyHousing and look for the Cancellation Form under “Applications and Forms”. Students cancelling housing applications after May 1 will receive a refund of their $100 damage deposit, but the $400 housing prepayment will be forfeited. After moving into the residence halls, students are subject to a different cancellation policy, which offers a declining refund of the cost of housing over the first four weeks, and no refund of housing charges after the fourth week of classes.

11. Cancellation Policy 

Written notice to the Director of the program is required for cancellation. If written notice of cancellation is provided, students may receive a refund of all or part of their tuition paid (minus the non-refundable tuition deposit and other non-refundable fees) in accordance with the following schedule in the chart below. 

Tuition Refund Schedule 

ReasonWritten Notice Received From StudentPaid Tuition Refundable to Student*
Visa refusalBefore 3rd week of semester
Change of plans or failure to complete Global Pathways3rd week of semester70%
4th week of semester25%
5th week of semester20%
After 5th week of semester0%