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Our office in China 

Our China office team provides information and advice about higher education to students in the region. They will be happy to help you make the right choices about your future, and can give you valuable guidance and advice — all free of charge. 

Help studying abroad for international students  

From the very beginning, we can support you, and help you make an informed decision about your future. 

The services available at our offices:

  • Help with finding a valued Education Agent you may want to work with 

  • Support with submitting your application

  • Assistance with choosing the right university degree 

  • Guidance on entry requirements and finding the best study option 

  • Advice on the student visa application process 

  • A helping hand with booking your accommodation

  • Connecting you with former or current Kaplan students

  • Organising pre-departure sessions, where you and your parents can meet other students coming to study with us

Meet the Kaplan team in China

Song Wang's staff

Song Wang 

Vice President, China Recruitment and Operations 

Leo Huang headshot

Leo Huang 

Marketing Director, China 

Maggie Sun headshot

Maggie Sun

Senior Recruitment Manager, China

Tracey Wang's headshot

Tracy Wang

Marketing Director, China 

Xiaoxiao Zhang's headshot

Xiaoxiao Zhang

Deputy Marketing Director, China 

Sandra Wang's headshot

Sandra Wang 

Head of Customer Service, USP  

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