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Help studying abroad from Kaplan in Chile

The Kaplan Chile staff are happy to help you with any questions you may have about studying abroad. They can guide you through your options and give you expert advice, all free of charge. See the services available at our offices.

Our Chilean office is based in Santiago, but a representative will be able to schedule visits with students, parents and agents throughout the country. We can also arrange to meet you in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru or Uruguay. To arrange a visit, simply fill in the meeting request form.

We can also arrange for you to meet a current or former Kaplan student in your region. Contact us to find out more.

Meet the Kaplan team in Chile

What our students say

Brazilian student in Phoenix Arizona

Natalia from Brazil

Admitted directly to a bachelor's degree at Arizona State University

My first semester at ASU has been one of the most special times of my life. Being out of my home country, living alone for the first time and studying in a foreign language has made me grow a lot, and I've learned how to be more independent.

Pace student Marcela from Brazil

Marcela from Brazil

Admitted directly to a master's degree at Pace University in New York

The Pathways team helped me so much and was really on top of everything. They helped me with my application, getting all my documents together, and securing my I-20 form so I could apply for my study visa in time to begin my degree.

Bruna NTIC student

Bruna from Brazil

Progressed from a Foundation Certificate to a bachelor's degree at Nottingham Trent University

My decision to come to the UK to study has been very rewarding. Initially 
I was a little worried about having to study in a different language, but I have overcome any challenges and I feel very happy with what I have accomplished!

GIC student Bastian from Chile

Bastian from Chile

Foundation Certificate student at Glasgow International College

The teaching style at the College is really great. You’ve got your lectures first and then for the rest of the week you’ve got seminars where you talk about what you learned. It’s quite good because you get all the information and you can do research at home before discussing with your classmates.

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Kaplan's office address in Chile

Mariano Sánchez Fontecilla 310
Santiago, Las Condes
Región Metropolitana

+56 983487872