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Life in Bristol

This diverse harbour city is full of history and culture, and is known to be one of the best student cities in the UK. With an iconic nightlife scene, streets brimming with art and colourful architecture and outstanding museums and art galleries to explore, Bristol is always a popular destination for tourists and students.

“I love to wander around Bristol and admire the old architecture — every building has a story to tell, and exploring the city gives me a sense of comfort and peace.” 

Ian from Kenya, 
University of Bristol student 

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Bristol: things to know 

Bristol culture

Embrace the creativity and rich history behind this culturally significant city.  

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You’ll never be bored in Bristol!  

Explore the historic architecture  

There are many historic landmarks to marvel at throughout the city. These include St. Mary Redcliffe, a church built in the 13th century, the 17th-century inn-turned-pub Llandoger Trow, and the medieval St John on the Wall, which is a church with vaulted crypts located in Bristol Old Town.  

Art, theatre and culture  

Bristol has a vibrant art scene, with buildings featuring colourful murals, and galleries and museums dedicated to creative works from local and international artists. Bristol is even the birthplace of famous street artist Banksy, and you can spot his artwork in various locations across the city.  

Dine on international dishes  

The residents of Bristol come from a diverse range of backgrounds, and this is shown through the city’s multicultural food offerings. There are many international restaurants, from Italian eateries to curry houses and a spot serving Sri Lankan street food.  

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  • International Balloon Fiesta 
    Europe’s largest hot air balloon event brings together balloon pilots from across the world for four days of magical airborne displays, with ascents at sunrise and in the evening.   
  • Upfest
    Known as Europe’s largest street art and graffiti festival, expect a weekend of live painting, music and activities as Bristol is taken over by murals and pops of colour courtesy of over 400 talented artists.   

Walking tours

  • Blackbeard to Banksy 
    Immerse yourself in the world of street art and the legend of infamous pirate Blackbeard with this popular walking tour, which perfectly highlights the city’s blend of ancient history and contemporary culture.   
  • Clifton Suspension Bridge vaults experience
    Take a guided tour through the hidden vaults of the iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge as you learn about the history behind it.  

Galleries and museums

  • The M Shed Museum
    Gain free entry to this unique museum, a treasure trove of memorabilia and interactive displays showcasing Bristol’s interesting history.   
  • Bristol Museum and Art Gallery
    Featuring 19 galleries over three floors, this Edwardian building is home to thousands of fascinating objects, world-class collections of art, geology and natural history.