Skyline of Perth city, Australia

Life in Perth

Perth is a coastal city known for its beautiful sandy beaches and laid-back lifestyle. Living here, you’ll get up to 320 days of sunshine every year, all while enjoying the fantastic cafés, museums, and diverse cuisine it has to offer. 

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Perth: things to know

Perth culture

This friendly city is packed with beautiful nature, sporting and musical events, and superb international cuisine.

Murdoch University students hanging out at Perth beach

You’ll always find something you love in Perth!

Incredible weather and coastline

If you love the sun, you’ll adore Perth! It’s Australia’s sunniest city, known for its quiet beaches with soft white sand and sparkling blue water. There many to choose from, including the popular Cottesloe Beach, which is less than a 15-minute drive from the city centre and has a thriving café culture. 

Fantastic food

Perth has some of the best fresh food in the country, with great seafood and organic produce available all year round. The city’s location on Australia’s west coast also makes it a gateway to Asia, so you can enjoy fantastic authentic cuisine from India, Thailand, Indonesia, and many other countries!

Sport and music

Living in Perth, you’re guaranteed to find live entertainment that you’ll love. The Optus Stadium hosts international cricket and soccer matches and a range of major concerts. There’s also the WACA, a world-famous cricket ground, and the stylish and modern Perth Concert Hall — located in the heart of the city. 

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