Blog Spotlight Study at the University of Victoria in stunning British Columbia, Canada
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Study at the University of Victoria in stunning British Columbia, Canada

Study at one of Canada’s top universities through Kaplan International’s exciting new partnership with the University of Victoria (UVic). Read on to learn about what you can study and what makes UVic such a fantastic place to earn your degree.

What makes UVic a top Canadian university?

As a public research university with a diverse student population of 22,000+ students, UVic is a forward-thinking institution built on a culture dedicated to a healthy planet, authenticity, inclusion and success. The University is uniquely located in Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia, which sits at the southernmost point of Vancouver Island.

Featuring partnerships with some of the world’s top companies, UVic has built the largest co-operative-education (“co-op”) program in Western Canada — one big reason why it’s ranked #1 among Canadian comprehensive universities for preparing career-ready students (2023 THE Global University Employability Ranking).

With up to 16 months of employment and an average monthly salary of CAD$3,076, co-op students enjoy well-paid, full-time work experience that’s integrated directly into their degree program.

What can I study at UVic?

Through Kaplan, you can apply to UVic for admission into

  • a bachelor’s program (first intake: September 2023)
  • a master’s program (first intake: September 2023)

Many undergraduate and graduate majors are available at UVic, spanning an array of subjects. A comprehensive university, UVic offers programs across the sciences, humanities, arts, health and business, including high-ranking programs in Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering and Psychology, among others.

Most of UVic’s bachelor’s degree programs require four years of study. Certain degrees — such as Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) and Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) — also require participation in the University’s co-op program, which can add an extra year.

All programs give students the option to get hands-on experience (such as co-op) as part of their degree. In fact, 94% of all UVic students graduate with some sort of experiential learning — at least one co-op or practicum.

#2 among Canadian comprehensive universities

 Maclean’s University Rankings 2023

#1 in North America for international research collaboration

Leiden University rankings 2022

#2 in Canada for research in Physical Sciences and Engineering

Leiden University rankings 2022

#1 in Canada for research in Mathematics and Computer Science

Leiden University rankings 2022

One-of-a-kind opportunities await you at UVic

At UVic, students learn on a picturesque campus designed to look and feel just like a park. Spread across 200+ acres of greenery, campus facilities are mingled in among the island’s old-growth rainforest. Nature trails and colorful walkways link students from one area of campus to another, giving the University a vibrant “green” feel.

But UVic doesn’t just “talk the talk” — it also “walks the walk.” Ranked #3 in the world for climate action (2023 THE Impact Rankings), the University has been proudly carbon-neutral since 2010. In addition to sustainability, UVic is deeply committed to making an impact on key global issues of today and tomorrow, including:

One-of-a-kind opportunities await you at UVic

A fun fact? Canada’s largest on-campus telescope sits on the rooftop of UVic’s Bob Wright Centre — just one of the reasons why UVic has top global programs in Physics and Space Science. The same building also houses one of the world’s most advanced microscopes.

Given its unique location and incredible geography, UVic students enjoy unparalleled opportunities in Marine Biology, Forest Ecology, Plant and Animal Science and Geosciences.

When you join UVic, you’ll be joining a population of 4,300+ international students representing 110+ countries.

Why should I study in Canada?

Every year, Canada welcomes tens of thousands of international students from all around the world. Among many reasons why Canada is a top 3 global destination for international students are its friendly and welcoming people, diversity, safety and overall affordability.

Due to Canada’s healthy lifestyle, relative political stability and nationalized healthcare system, the country ranks among the world’s best when it comes to quality of life. International students benefit from the same rights and freedoms that protect all Canadian citizens.

#3 Best Quality of Life in the world

U.S. News & World Report, 2022

25–35% less expensive

than a US university education

Option to work for up to 3 years in Canada

after graduating from a 4-year degree program

The second largest country in the world by land, Canada is home to 37 national parks, featuring breathtaking protected wilderness, vast wildlife populations, and some of the tallest peaks in North America. It’s unique mix of natural landscapes and modern cities is what makes Canada equally appealing to both tourists and students alike!

A country built on immigration, Canada is incredibly diverse, representing 450+ ethnic and cultural origins, 450+ languages, and 100+ religions (Statistics Canada). International graduates of Canadian universities enjoy in the country’s generous Post-graduation work permit (PGWP), which allows students to live and work in Canada for 3 years after graduation.

Apply with Kaplan

There’s so much to consider when you’re applying to a university in another country. The process can seem overwhelming and complicated at times, but don’t worry, we’ll guide you through your options and explain everything clearly and simply.

Each year, Kaplan helps thousands of international students put together a great application that helps maximize their chances of getting accepted to their chosen university. Whatever your education goals, Kaplan can help you find the degree or program that’s right for you.

To learn more about the University of Victoria, get in touch with one of our friendly student advisors today; alternatively, you can submit your application below.

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