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Solutions for partners

We offer a number of flexible partnership models to generate international student enrolments.

Each of our partner universities has unique enrolment and revenue goals; each institution also has varied housing and classroom capacity, as well as different academic offerings. To ensure that we meet your distinct needs in the most cost-efficient way possible, we have developed multiple delivery and recruitment solutions. This flexible approach enables us to provide a customised recruitment plan that can be scaled up or down to match your needs.

On-campus pathways

On campus pathway progression diagram

These destination-country immersion courses, which can vary in length between 4 and 15 months, are usually delivered on-site on your school’s campus. These programmes allow participating students to adjust to college life and the surrounding community while they build the language and academic skills necessary for full-time enrolment in each school’s designated undergraduate and graduate programs. We operate on-campus models with over 20 universities across the USA, UK and Australia.

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Recruitment for direct entry

Direct entry progression diagram

About 18% of the international students recruited by us to on-campus Higher Education courses at North American schools already qualify for direct entry to a degree. We support these students through the application, visa, and financing processes, and deliver continued assistance as needed throughout the duration of their enrolment at our partner schools.

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Off-campus pathways

Off campus pathway progression diagram

Kaplan has off-campus partnerships with more than 10 leading institutions in the Northern Consortium of UK universities (NCUK), and operates 2 such learning centres in Japan. These allow students to stay close to home while they prepare to enter a UK degree.

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Transnational education

Transnational education progression diagram

We can help your school deliver complete degree programmes in foreign countries. Currently, we are supporting transnational degree delivery at our Higher Education Academies in Singapore and Hong Kong SAR on behalf of 14 universities based in the USA, UK, Ireland and Australia.

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Online education

Online education progression diagram

Kaplan International Pathways offers fully accredited online undergraduate and graduate degrees from selected university partners to students who are unable, or would prefer not to attend campus-based classes. These flexible offerings can fit around existing schedules, allowing students to learn at their own pace.

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English language schools

Pathways progression diagram

Each year, Kaplan provides English language learning to more than 35,000 students through the 30+ schools we operate in the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. These schools provide an additional channel to identify and recruit high-achieving students for our university partners.

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