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Teaching Staff

Our teachers absolutely live and breathe education, and work extremely hard to give students the best experience possible. They are all highly qualified, with many years of experience in their respective fields. Meet a selection of our teachers across our colleges.

Michelle Gibbons

Learning and Teaching Director, University of Essex International College (UK)

We are committed to providing our students with high-quality courses that prepare them for university. Our classes are designed to be interactive and to encourage team work, as well as independent study, so that students are equipped with the skills needed to succeed at university.

Michelle Gibbons, Head of Programmes, University of Essex International College

Dr. Edward “Ted” Miller

Professor for International Pathways at Northeastern University (US).

I’m here to help students develop their critical thinking skills, and to guide them to develop their own conclusions based on available evidence.

I love to see my students grow in confidence and become excited by what I’m teaching. I’m passionate about the material I teach, and students can see that.

Ted Miller, Northeastern University professor

Annette Miller

Instructor and Tutor for International Pathways at Pace University (US).

I love working with international students because I want to see them succeed. Higher education in another language can be overwhelming, so providing them support is very satisfying. I also love learning from them — international students bring diverse ideas and experiences to the classroom that I would not be able to learn elsewhere.

Annette Miller, Pace Teacher

Melsia Tomlin-Kräftner

Tutor at Bournemouth University International College (UK)

The most rewarding thing about working here is the hugely diverse environment. Every day, I have the chance to interact with people of many cultures worldwide – not just among the students, but the College staff too. It’s really satisfying to share different ideas, as I help students achieve a shared goal of progressing to university.

Melsia Tomlin Kraftner, Tutor at Bournemouth University International College

Hanna Mawbey

Learning Support Tutor at the University of Brighton International College (UK)

Working as a Learning Support Tutor is a very rewarding experience. During one-to-one tutorials, I discuss your coursework with you, answer questions about life in the UK, and offer supportive and friendly advice.

I will also help you get the best out of your studies, and set academic goals that you can work towards.

Hanna Mawbey, Learning Support Tutor

Marco Baglieri

Programme Leader at Nottingham Trent International College (UK)

I provide useful advice throughout your course and encourage you with your self-directed study. I do my best to make sure you succeed with us and progress to your university degree.

Marco Baglieri, Programme Leader, Nottingham Trent International College

James Nevell

Science and Engineering Programme Leader at UWE Bristol's International College (UK)

I enjoy many aspects of teaching at the College, particularly working with a diverse group of students from many different backgrounds and cultures. It’s a privilege to help encourage and draw out their potential, and support them on their journey towards their future careers.

James Nevell, Science and Engineering Programme Leader at UWEBIC

Dr Amer Diab

Senior Lecturer at Glasgow International College (UK)

The College’s close relationship with the University of Glasgow creates excellent opportunities for students. We use the University’s facilities, so students are familiar with the resources before they even start their degrees. I also use technology in my classes to engage students and help me assess their understanding. My ultimate goal is to make sure students are ready for their transition to their university degree.

Dr Amer Diab, Senior Lecturer