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Admissions Team

The Admissions Team works closely with students to ensure they can be admitted onto their course. They advise on visa applications, give expert guidance on studying abroad, and consult with students about the right course for them. Here is a selection of our Admissions staff worldwide.

Neeloo Malik

Education Advisor/Admission Manager (UK) – ISC region

I specialise in helping students from ISC region to study a degree abroad. I advise on everything from entry requirements to visa applications so that the process is as easy as possible for the students. I hope to help students follow their path, their way.

Tárlach Russell

Admissions Officer, US

Studying at a diverse University gave me insight into the merits and doubts that international students experience when studying abroad. Being able to assist students with application processes allows me to offer my own insights and encourage students to pursue a life-changing experience.

Hoang Phuong Thuy

Assistant Market Manager, UK Pathways

It is greatly satisfying for me when I’m able to see students succeed. I strongly believe that studying overseas gives you a great chance to broaden your experiences and learn about many other cultures, as you will meet people from all around the globe!

Hoang Phuong Thuy, Assistant Market Manager, UK Pathways

Eva Jeon

Sales Manager, USA Programs, South Korea

My role at Kaplan is helping to find eligible US Universities and the courses for both Korea-based agents and the students.
It is my pleasure to work with them to decide one of the most exciting moments in their life.

Eva Jeon, Assistant Sales Manager

Emily McAfee

Admissions Officer, UK

The best part of my job is seeing students progress to their university degree, knowing that their pathway course led them there. Every day I get to help students find their own path, just like I found mine. Read my story.

Emily McAfee, Admission Officer

Gary Hoang

Admissions Coordinator, UK

I interact with students, parents, sponsors and agents through various applications such as LiveChat, and help students on their path to studying at a university abroad. Through my role as an Admissions Coordinator, I hope to help many international students follow their path, their way. Read my story.

Gary Hoang, Admissions Coordinator

Liudmila Vesnovskaya

Admissions Officer, UK

I really enjoy helping students gain access to the degree that they want to study. We in the Admissions team are committed to offering the best advice and guidance to our students because we want them to succeed, and follow their path, their way.

Liudmila Vesnovskaya, Admissions Officer, UK

Namwaan Sroysuwan

Admissions Manager, Thailand

Helping students navigate the process of applying to study abroad is what we’re here for. I guide students through everything from visa application to enrolment, and the most rewarding part of my job is seeing students leave for their study destination and start on their path to academic success.

Namwaan Sroysuwan, Admissions Manager, Thailand

Ioannis Stavrianakis

Admissions Officer, UK

My role is to guide students through the application and admissions process, and help them on their path to studying at a UK university. Our expert knowledge means that we can answer any questions students might have about their application, and ensure that they meet specific requirements and admissions deadlines.

Ioannis Stavrianakis, Admissions Officer

Sulaf Abuelbashar

Admissions Officer, UK

I really enjoy helping students from many different educational backgrounds explore the degrees and universities that suit them best. It’s great to know that I’ve helped them on their path to success.

Sulaf Abuelbashar, Admissions Officer

Irina Scitilina

US Applications and Operations Manager

As a US Applications and Operations Manager, I help students apply to degrees and preparation courses at our partner universities in the USA. I give advice about the different study options available and I guide students through the admissions process. Read my story.

Irina Scitilina, US Admissions Officer

Simran Souni

Admissions Manager

As an Admissions Manager, I assess applications from students based all around the world. I am familiar with many different education systems, so I can advise which course and university is right for your qualifications. I really enjoy helping students follow their path, and providing support from the application stage right through to enrolment.

Simran Souni, Admissions Manager

Samuel Kwan

Associate Director, Admissions

As a member of the Admissions team, I help international students secure a place on one of our courses. I guide them through the application process and obtaining a visa, and give them all the support they need as they are admitted to their programme – one that will open up incredible new opportunities for them.

Associate Director, Admissions

Vivienne Beshay

Assistant Director of Pathways at Pace University (USA)

I help students successfully apply to degrees and preparation courses in New York, and assist in supporting them during their studies in the USA. I also lead conversation groups at a local library, which our students are welcome to join – it’s a great way for them to improve their English and practice what they’ve learned in class!

Vivienne Beshay, Operations Manager, Global Pathways at Pace University

Anthony Law

Senior Admissions Manager, Hong Kong SAR

We’re here to give students any advice they need to help them towards academic success. We have years of experience in guiding students on the best path to follow, and it’s very satisfying to see them progress to university.

Anthony Law, Senior Admissions Manager, Hong Kong

William Huynh

Head of Admissions Operations, UK

I help students reach one of the most exciting stepping-stones in their life: securing a place at university. I not only find the most suitable course for you, but I also provide general information and advice about student life.

No matter what your abilities or ambitions are, we will find the right path for you.

William Huynh, Head of Admissions Operations, UK