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About Kaplan International Pathways

At Kaplan, education is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in the power of globalising education to change people’s lives. These people, in turn, make a difference to the world around them.

The power of possibilities

Partnering with over 40 universities, we offer a world of degree opportunities across the globe. By connecting students, universities, recruitment and business partners, we create possibilities that:

  • Enable students to gain a prestigious degree that might otherwise be out of reach.
  • Give parents the chance to make a hugely worthwhile investment in their children’s future.
  • Empower agents to offer a broad portfolio of courses, enhance their local presence and grow their business.
  • Allow sponsors to gain exceptional return on their investment in a highly qualified workforce.
  • Help partner universities to diversify their campuses and recruitment channels, creating sustainable sources of revenue, and a truly global experience for their students.


Our vision

To connect students, agents, sponsors and partner universities by matching life-changing international education opportunities with individual needs and aspirations. In doing so, we transform the futures of young people around the world, the businesses of our agents, the investments of our sponsors, and the recruitment channels of our partner universities.

Our mission

Our mission underpins our vision, fulfilling the ambitions of each and every one of our students, education agents, sponsors and university partners.

We’ve been helping others succeed since 2005, and as our future unfolds, we remain just as passionate about transforming yours!

  • Our mission for students

    Providing every single student with a life-changing educational experience, and supporting them at every single step on that journey.

    Empowering students to unlock their potential, and achieve their academic and personal goals in becoming outstanding global citizens.

    Creating a rewarding environment, rich in resources and diversity, that connects people from across Kaplan’s ever-growing global community.

    Doing everything possible to set students on the path to success, not just in their education and career, but also in life.

  • Our mission for agents

    Enabling education agents to grow and prosper in an increasingly competitive environment.

    Allowing agents to open doors to new education opportunities in their markets.

    Supporting our agents to offer an unrivalled level of service to students and their parents.

  • Our mission for sponsors

    Giving sponsors outstanding return on investment, enhancing their success as a business.

    Granting sponsor organisations access to world-leading universities to create exceptionally qualified individuals.

    Providing an industry-leading quality of personalised service to sponsors, and to their students, at every stage of the education experience.

  • Our mission for partner universities

    Facilitating universities’ global reach by showcasing their offerings to a worldwide audience.

    Diversifying partner institutions’ sources of recruitment, thereby creating a more sustainable and resilient business model.

    Carefully pairing universities’ offerings with suitably qualified international students, and maximising student success on our higher education partners’ degrees.

    Providing opportunities for long-term investment in campus infrastructure to support and accommodate international student growth.

Kaplan International Pathways facts

Founded in 2005

more than a decade of student success

Over 25,000 students

choose to study with us each year

Our brands

As well as Kaplan International Pathways, we have a number of highly successful brands, all part of the Kaplan International family. Though each is different, they are all united in their overall goal: to enrich students’ lives through education.

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