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Lizbeth Almonte

Recruitment Manager, Americas

I am passionate about promoting the internationalisation of higher education and fostering a more globalised world.

Lizbeth Almonte

Miles Campos

Director of Arizona State University Recruitment and Applicant Success

Having studied and worked in both the US and overseas, I understand the experience of an international student preparing to study abroad. I have many years of experience working in international initiatives at ASU as well as in managing international education programs for the US government. I am a second-generation ASU graduate and I take pride in using my knowledge and experience to ensure that students and parents are able to make an informed decision to study at Arizona State University

Miles Campos - ASU

Fatima Moulkhail

International Student Adviser

Each student’s path is unique to them, so it’s important to understand exactly what they want to achieve. At Kaplan we take the time to listen to you, and this allows us to find the opportunities that best suit you and your needs.

Fatima Moulkhail

Olubusola Fadehan

Market Manager

It’s not always easy to understand everything you need to do in order to study abroad, so that’s why I’m here. I can help with visa counselling and make your path to an international education simpler to follow.

Olubusola Fadehan

Shiva Talwar

Recruitment Manager, India

Studying abroad is a big decision and you might need some help deciding which path to take. I love guiding students and sharing my knowledge and experience with them so that the can make an informed decision about their future.

Shiva Talwar

Meenakshi Raghuvanshi

Recruitment Manager, India

I’m committed to providing all the support and help our students need. We take pride in being leaders in international education. We focus on quality, integrity and teamwork so that we can ensure our students follow the right path for them.

Meenakshi Raghuvanshi

Naman Kapoor

Recruitment Manager, India

I enjoy talking to our students and hearing about their goals and ambitions. Everybody is different and has different dreams, so it’s great that we have so many study options that we can offer students. It’s wonderful to be able to help students find their paths.

Naman Kapoor

Marianne Wei

Recruitment Manager, Taiwan SAR

It’s so important to me that my students find the path that can lead them to success. I love knowing that the guidance they receive from us at Kaplan really does make a difference to their futures.

Marianne Wei

Darren Cassidy

Recruitment Manager, Middle East and North Africa

Every person is unique, so being able to guide our students down the path that’s best for them is a real pleasure. Having studied both in the UK and internationally, I can draw on my personal knowledge and experiences to help every student reach their full potential.

Darren Cassidy

Jonny Hunter

Senior Manager, Student Recruitment, University of Newcastle College of International Education

I am passionate about all elements of recruitment and marketing, and developing tools that support our students in their educational journey. Seeing our students progress first in their studies, and then in their careers, is wonderful.

Hoang Phuong Thuy

Assistant Market Manager, UK Pathways

It is greatly satisfying for me when I’m able to see students succeed. I strongly believe that studying overseas gives you a great chance to broaden your experiences and learn about many other cultures, as you will meet people from all around the globe!

Hoang Phuong Thuy, Assistant Market Manager, UK Pathways

Janaina Lorenzo

International Student Advisor

As an international student myself I understood how important and life changing this experience can be, and now it is my turn to help students and their family to achieve this goal.

Nathan Whittaker

Head of College Services, University of Essex International College (UK)

The College Services Team are committed to providing you with very best experience as a student. You can approach anyone in our team to ask questions related to academic, student or personal life in the UK. We look forward to welcoming you the college community and helping you achieve your goals.

Narawadee “Pla” Phachirapatsorn

Recruitment Manager, Thailand

I love helping students to choose the right options for them. It is so satisfying to see them start on their path to a great future.

Narawadee Phachirapatsorn, Sales Manager, Thailand

Kseniia Kraiushkina

Recruitment Manager, Ukraine

I love helping students find their perfect degree and university. There are so many options available and it is important to make the right choice for you — I am here to make that decision easier, and help you follow your path.

Kseniia Kraiushkina, Recruitment Manager, Ukraine

Eva Jeon

Sales Manager, USA Programs, South Korea

My role at Kaplan is helping to find eligible US Universities and the courses for both Korea-based agents and the students.
It is my pleasure to work with them to decide one of the most exciting moments in their life.

Eva Jeon, Assistant Sales Manager

Vanesa Carralero-Lozano

College Services Administrator at Kaplan International College London

As a College Services Administrator I arrange social events and activities to help students make the most of their time at Kaplan International College London, so I think I have one of the best jobs at the College! I know what it’s like to study abroad and I have lots of great memories from that time, so I love creating those unforgettable moments for students. Read my story.


Vanesa Carralero-Lozano, College Services Administrator at KICL

Emily McAfee

Admissions Officer, UK

The best part of my job is seeing students progress to their university degree, knowing that their pathway course led them there. Every day I get to help students find their own path, just like I found mine. Read my story.

Emily McAfee, Admission Officer

Gary Hoang

Admissions Coordinator, UK

I interact with students, parents, sponsors and agents through various applications such as LiveChat, and help students on their path to studying at a university abroad. Through my role as an Admissions Coordinator, I hope to help many international students follow their path, their way. Read my story.

Gary Hoang, Admissions Coordinator

Mustafa Al-Tameemi

International Student Adviser, UK

I enjoy getting to know different students every day and guiding them towards the path that’s right for them. Knowing that this guidance will help each and every one of them to achieve their career potential is very rewarding.

Mustafa Al-Tameemi, International Student Adviser

Michelle Gibbons

Learning and Teaching Director, University of Essex International College (UK)

We are committed to providing our students with high-quality courses that prepare them for university. Our classes are designed to be interactive and to encourage team work, as well as independent study, so that students are equipped with the skills needed to succeed at university.

Michelle Gibbons, Head of Programmes, University of Essex International College

Daniel Martin

College Director, University of Essex International College (UK)

It’s a great honour to be able to welcome so many students from around the world. My team and I are committed to doing everything we can to support you in gaining a place at such a well-regarded, progressive institution as the University of Essex.

Daniel Martin, College Director, University of Essex international College

Liudmila Vesnovskaya

Admissions Officer, UK

I really enjoy helping students gain access to the degree that they want to study. We in the Admissions team are committed to offering the best advice and guidance to our students because we want them to succeed, and follow their path, their way.

Liudmila Vesnovskaya, Admissions Officer, UK

Namwaan Sroysuwan

Admissions Manager, Thailand

Helping students navigate the process of applying to study abroad is what we’re here for. I guide students through everything from visa application to enrolment, and the most rewarding part of my job is seeing students leave for their study destination and start on their path to academic success.

Namwaan Sroysuwan, Admissions Manager, Thailand

Ioannis Stavrianakis

Admissions Officer, UK

My role is to guide students through the application and admissions process, and help them on their path to studying at a UK university. Our expert knowledge means that we can answer any questions students might have about their application, and ensure that they meet specific requirements and admissions deadlines.

Ioannis Stavrianakis, Admissions Officer

Sulaf Abuelbashar

Admissions Officer, UK

I really enjoy helping students from many different educational backgrounds explore the degrees and universities that suit them best. It’s great to know that I’ve helped them on their path to success.

Sulaf Abuelbashar, Admissions Officer

Irina Scitilina

US Applications and Operations Manager

As a US Applications and Operations Manager, I help students apply to degrees and preparation courses at our partner universities in the USA. I give advice about the different study options available and I guide students through the admissions process. Read my story.

Irina Scitilina, US Admissions Officer

Jessica Penny

Senior Recruitment Manager, Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan

I love helping students find their path to the best university and degree for them. With so much choice out there, it can be a difficult decision to make – that’s why we take the time to understand each student’s individual needs. Knowing that I’ve helped a student prepare for their future is the most rewarding part of my job.

Jessica Harris, Senior International Marketing Manager, MENA

Sophia Lopez Weitz

Assistant Recruitment Manager, Onshore and EU

I believe learning overseas can enhance your life immensely. Through my role at Kaplan, I maintain a close relationship with agents in the UK and Europe, making sure students are fully informed and supported when exploring Kaplan’s courses and opportunities.

Sophia Lopez Weitz, Assistant Market Manager, Onshore and EU

Owain Llwyd

Regional Director, Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan

We are experts in higher education around the world, and it makes us very happy to see how students that we counselled are succeeding abroad, both academically and professionally.

Owain Llwyd, Regional Manager (MENA)

Onur Balaban

Recruitment Manager, Turkey

I love to introduce students to new cultures, and give detailed advice about studying at Kaplan Pathways. With our wide range of options, I am confident we can find a suitable course and study destination to match your needs.

Onur Balaban, International Sales & Recruitment Manager

Professor Gary Prosser

College Director, University of Nottingham International College (UK)

As Director of the University of Nottingham International College, I have the pleasure of overseeing the education of talented young people from all over the world. I look forward to welcoming students into the global learning community at Nottingham, and seeing them progress to university.

Professor Gary Prosser, University of Nottingham International College

Aneta Swiercz

Head of College Services at Bournemouth University International College (UK)

I look forward to meeting you in Bournemouth where my team and I will support you on every step of your journey, making sure that your experience is successful and enjoyable. One of our goals is to ensure that our students have the best experience possible, so we will aid you throughout your studies. 

Aneta Swiercz, Bournemouth University International College

Steven Coulter

Head of College Services at Liverpool International College (UK)

We’re here to help students on their educational journey, providing the support they need to succeed. Studying abroad is a hugely exciting experience in life, and we’ll do everything we can to make it rewarding and memorable.

Steven Coulter, Liverpool International College

Duygu Aykurt

International Sales & Recruitment Manager, Turkey

I like discovering new places, meeting new cultures and sharing my experience. I work closely with Turkish agents to help meet all of their needs. I’m happy to guide to our students to find their paths and reach their goals.

Duygu Aykurt, International sales & Recruitment Manager

James Krick

Recruitment Manager, Middle East and North Africa

International education has been a crucial part of both my academic and professional life. Having been through these experiences personally, I am always keen to help and advise international students on what their best options are and what to expect when beginning their journey abroad.

James Krick, International Market Manager

Tiffany Darmawan

Assistant Recruitment Manager, Indonesia

It’s always exciting to be part of student’s journey as they pursue higher education — it’s a life changing moment! I’m here to support you in achieving your full potential!

Tiffany Darmawan, Assistant Market Manager

Rajat Garg

Recruitment Manager, Indian Subcontinent

Studying abroad is not just limited to shaping your career and being successful in life. I believe it’s the best tool to bridge gap between people from different cultures and societies. I feel privileged that I can help students achieve their dreams with my knowledge and experience.

Rajat Garg

Andrew Thick

Senior Vice President

Based at our Head Office in London, Andrew leads Kaplan International Pathways, the higher education division of Kaplan International.

Andrew has more than 30 years’ experience in international education, as a teacher, academic leader, college head and managing director.

Before joining Kaplan, Andrew served as Chairman of the Oxford International Education Group and was the Chief Executive Officer of Study Group for 9 years, overseeing its rapid expansion. Prior to that, he fulfilled a number of senior management roles at Education First (EF).

Andrew Thick, Senior Vice President, Global Pathways

Bagyashri Sharrma

Recruitment Manager, India

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” — Nelson Mandela. This is what I always remind myself and it keeps me going on and on. I love speaking to students and their parents. I have counseled thousands of students and I am sure my small contribution has helped them in shaping their careers. With a lot of options available with us, we focus on quality and support throughout the student journey.

Bagyashree Sharrma, Internatinal Market Manager

Abhishek Saha

Recruitment Manager, India

As an engineer turned Higher Ed professional, I strive to keep complete transparency with students and parents, providing guidance at every step that helps them achieve their goals. I am always open to discuss the technical aspects and outcomes of the programme the student is planning to apply for.

Abhishek Saha, International Market Manager

Phan Thi Thanh Tam

Senior Recruitment Manager

I am a US Market Manager for southern Vietnam. I have extensive experience in the US education industry and have worked in student recruitment and consultancy for a US educational organization for 4 years. My passion is to help students achieve their dreams of studying in the USA and see them succeed at university and beyond.

Phan Thi Thanh Tam, US Market Manager

Fadi Aboul Hosn

Regional Manager, UK Onshore

My role at Kaplan includes helping both students and UK-based agents to find the most suitable course at University. Being an international student myself when I came to the UK, I understand how challenging  studying abroad can be. I understand how important it is for students to receive the right support and advice while taking this big step in their life.  I feel that I am well positioned to understand the needs of international students, and I’m  happy to share this experience when speaking to students, either in English or Arabic.

Fadi Aboul Hosn, Assistant Market Manager, UK

Paul Lafferty

Director of UK Colleges

As Director of Colleges, I’m driven by the idea of transforming students’ futures. We equip all of our students for success, and support them in achieving their academic and personal goals.

Paul Lafferty, Director of UK Colleges

José Trujillo

Recruitment Manager, Americas

We are experts in higher education around the world, and we are very happy to see students from the Americas who we counsel succeeding abroad, both academically and professionally.

We are passionate about connecting students with the best university for them.

Jose Trujillo, International Marketing and Recruitment Manager, Colombia

Simran Souni

Admissions Manager

As an Admissions Manager, I assess applications from students based all around the world. I am familiar with many different education systems, so I can advise which course and university is right for your qualifications. I really enjoy helping students follow their path, and providing support from the application stage right through to enrolment.

Simran Souni, Admissions Manager

Martin Brown

Director of Recruitment

Working with students to help find a pathway and a university course for them is a real joy. I love changing lives and helping students achieve their dreams.

Martin Brown, Assistant Director, Recruitment

Ronké Alao

Student Support Manager at the University of York International Pathway College (UK)

The most rewarding thing about working at the Pathway College is helping students first-hand to develop academically and socially. It’s great to see them grow as individuals and learn new things, enabling them to progress to their degree at the University of York.

Ronké Alao, Student Support Manager

Samuel Kwan

Associate Director, Admissions

As a member of the Admissions team, I help international students secure a place on one of our courses. I guide them through the application process and obtaining a visa, and give them all the support they need as they are admitted to their programme – one that will open up incredible new opportunities for them.

Associate Director, Admissions

Paloma Bernar

Senior Recruitment Manager, Americas

One of the biggest pleasures of my work is seeing how happy students are when they reach a milestone in their educational journey – whether it’s being accepted onto a course, or progressing to university. My job is to give great advice about what is best for each student, and to help set them on the path to future success.

Regional Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa

Emily Yoon

Regional Manager, North Asia Head of US Recruitment, Asia

I find it very exciting to meet students in Korea. I am always here to listen and encourage those who wish to make academic and career plans for the future.

Andy Quin

College Director in London (UK)

We have an impressive college building in a wonderful part of central London, and with over 1,000 students from over 80 countries you have the opportunity to become a truly global citizen, whilst receiving excellent support and great teaching in innovative learning spaces. It’s the ideal place to build a platform for success in your university studies.

Andy Quin, College Director KICL

Clare Cairns

Senior Director, Recruitment and Admissions

Clare heads up a global recruitment team who provide advice on higher education opportunities for students and parents in their home countries, and support Kaplan’s trusted partner agents.

She has worked in the international education industry since 2008. Previously, she worked in the international exchanges and educational travel industries in the USA. She has lived in 4 countries and worked in over 40.

Clare Cairns, Senior Director, Recruitment

Ricard Giner

Vice President, Partnership Development

After 5 years of successfully leading Kaplan Pathways’ global online and offline marketing initiatives on behalf of our university partners, Ricard now directs Kaplan’s higher education development strategy.

Ricard has almost 20 years of experience leading marketing for international education and travel organisations.

He studied Philosophy and Social Anthropology at the University of Kent (UK), and Philosophy at graduate level at the University of Edinburgh and King’s College London (UK).

Ricard Giner, Vice President, Partnership Development

Mehriban Nicholson

Head of Recruitment, Russia/CIS and Turkey

I specialise in counselling students about our online degrees, as well as Foundation, A level and GCSE courses at our MPW partner colleges.

We work hard to ensure that every student finds the right path for them, and our regional expertise really helps us tailor our advice to each student’s needs.

Head of Recruitment, Russia/CIS and Turkey

Linda Cowan

Senior Vice President, UK and Middle East

Linda is responsible for all pathway colleges in the UK and for projects in the Middle East.

She has been working in international education since 1992 across a wide range of markets on several continents.

Linda has over 10 years’ experience working for UK universities, plus expertise in partnership work with universities in a number of countries.

Linda Cowan, Senior Vice President, UK & ME

Clare Rawlins

Vice President, Recruitment and Enrolment

Clare’s role at Kaplan is truly international, leading a recruitment and enrolment team that spans 10 countries. The team prides itself on its world-class customer service and in-depth market knowledge.

Clare has worked in over 30 countries and holds particular expertise in Africa and the Indian subcontinent. She also has a wealth of experience in supporting and shaping university internationalisation strategies.

Previously, Clare spent many years in the English language and higher education industries.

Clare Rawlins, Vice President, Recruitment and Marketing

Iain Brennan

College Services Director at the University of York International Pathway College (UK)

Here at the University of York International Pathway College, we offer fantastic services to students. My job is to ensure that students here have everything they need to succeed in their studies, and have an enjoyable, rewarding experience in the UK.

Iain Brennan, College Services Director, York College

Dr Kevin Smith

College Director at Nottingham Trent International College (UK)

We take great pride in providing our students with everything they need to achieve their education goals. My team and I look forward to welcoming you to the College, where you can take your first steps towards academic and career success.

Kevin Smith, Nottingham Trent International College

Kevin Richardson

College Services Manager at the University of Liverpool International College (UK)

Our priority is allowing students to focus on their studies and enjoy the city of Liverpool. By choosing to study with us, you’ll benefit from friendly staff, first-rate facilities and convenient locations.

Kevin Richardson portrait

Gaye Harrison

Head of College Services at the University of Nottingham International College (UK)

There will always be someone to assist you as you progress through your studies. We will be on hand to help you achieve your academic goals and ensure that you have a rewarding, fun-filled and memorable experience!

Gaye Harrison, Head of Student Services at Liverpool International College

Francesca Colangelo

Student Services Administrator at UWE Bristol’s International College (UK)

Our friendly and welcoming team is always here to help and answer any questions you may have. One of our goals is to ensure that our students have the best experience possible, so we will always support you through your studies. I studied at UWE Bristol myself, so I know just what it’s like to be a student here!

Francesca Colangelo, Student Services Administrator at UWE Bristol’s International College

Namy Yu

Accommodation and Arrivals Manager at UWE Bristol’s International College (UK)

There is no better place for students to live than at our student housing in Bristol. It features first-rate facilities, comfortable rooms and immediate on-site assistance from friendly and helpful staff. The students here find it easy to make new friends, and benefit from the perfect environment for study. I’m here to help you settle into your new home!

Nammy Yu, Accommodation and Arrivals Manager, UWE Bristol’s International College

Francesca Dorrington

Head of Student Services at the University of Brighton International College (UK)

We will ensure that you receive all the support you need while studying at the College, helping you to achieve your academic goals, and to enjoy yourself at the same time. This will prepare you for the best possible start to your chosen degree at the University of Brighton.

Francesca Dorrington, Head of Student Services at the University of Brighton International College

Dr. Edward “Ted” Miller

Professor for International Pathways at Northeastern University (US).

I’m here to help students develop their critical thinking skills, and to guide them to develop their own conclusions based on available evidence.

I love to see my students grow in confidence and become excited by what I’m teaching. I’m passionate about the material I teach, and students can see that.

Ted Miller, Northeastern University professor

Annette Miller

Instructor and Tutor for International Pathways at Pace University (US).

I love working with international students because I want to see them succeed. Higher education in another language can be overwhelming, so providing them support is very satisfying. I also love learning from them — international students bring diverse ideas and experiences to the classroom that I would not be able to learn elsewhere.

Annette Miller, Pace Teacher

Sarah Giles

Accommodation and Arrivals Manager at the University of Brighton International College (UK)

We are here to help you succeed academically and enjoy student life. By providing high-quality accommodation, together with accessible, effective support, we do everything we can to ensure your well-being and happiness, which are so important to us.

Brighton is an amazing place to spend your student years. As well as gaining a valuable qualification, you can enjoy all the attractions of a small, friendly city by the sea. Come and join us!

Sarah Giles UBIC

Vivienne Beshay

Assistant Director of Pathways at Pace University (USA)

I help students successfully apply to degrees and preparation courses in New York, and assist in supporting them during their studies in the USA. I also lead conversation groups at a local library, which our students are welcome to join – it’s a great way for them to improve their English and practice what they’ve learned in class!

Vivienne Beshay, Operations Manager, Global Pathways at Pace University

Faycal Moussi

Senior Recruitment Manager, Middle East and North Africa

I have always enjoyed interacting with international students and I love matching educational opportunities with individual needs.

Faycal Moussi, Recruitment Manager, Middle East and North Africa

Anthony Law

Senior Admissions Manager, Hong Kong SAR

We’re here to give students any advice they need to help them towards academic success. We have years of experience in guiding students on the best path to follow, and it’s very satisfying to see them progress to university.

Anthony Law, Senior Admissions Manager, Hong Kong

Melsia Tomlin-Kräftner

Tutor at Bournemouth University International College (UK)

The most rewarding thing about working here is the hugely diverse environment. Every day, I have the chance to interact with people of many cultures worldwide – not just among the students, but the College staff too. It’s really satisfying to share different ideas, as I help students achieve a shared goal of progressing to university.

Melsia Tomlin Kraftner, Tutor at Bournemouth University International College

Martin Jones

College Director at UWE Bristol's International College (UK)

I am confident that during your time at the College, you will develop the skills and knowledge required to be successful at university and beyond. And of course you’ll make plenty of friends along the way!

Martin Jones, College Director, UWE Bristol's IC

Leelee Yates

College Director at the University of Liverpool International College (UK)

Liverpool has everything you need to have fantastic international experience — the city, the University and the College. We’ll make sure you get all the support you need to meet and exceed your expectations. I look forward to meeting and welcoming you here soon.

Leelee Yates, College Director, Liverpool International College

Julien Boville

Head of College Services at Nottingham Trent International College (UK)

My team and I offer a range of information and guidance to help resolve students’ queries. We also offer sports activities, cultural and social events to create a welcoming, safe and stimulating studying environment, which will help you achieve your full academic potential.

I studied abroad myself, being French and having pursued my master’s degree in International Business and Management at the University of Huddersfield in the UK. Therefore, I completely understand what it’s like to be in your position, and we want to make your study experience fulfilling and memorable.

Julien Boville, Head of Administration and Business Support

Rachel Woodward Carrick

College Director at Bournemouth University International College (UK)

Each year, it is our pleasure to welcome students from all around the world at the International College. We work with you to achieve a shared goal: to transform your future through education. I look forward to you joining us, and wish you the very best on your path to university and career success.

Rachel Woodward Carrick, College Director, BuIntCol

Sam Tam

Senior Regional Manager, South East Asia

I am looking forward to sharing with you the important factors to consider when choosing the right plan for your studies – whether in Singapore or abroad. We will work with you to find the best available option, helping you on the way to a degree that will open up incredible opportunities in your life.

Sam Tam, Regional Manager, South East Asia

Chris Yeung

Senior Regional Manager, East Asia

I love helping students from Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines find a study option that will transform their lives.

My colleagues and I are here to offer support to students and parents when they make this life-changing decision to study in the UK, USA, or Australia.

Chris Yeung, Marketing Manager for Hong Kong & Macau

Leo Huang

Marketing Director, China

I love hearing inspiring stories from students, and seeing the smiles on parents’ faces. In summary, I like to build futures – one success story at a time.

Leo Huang, Marketing Director China

Song Wang

Vice President, China Recruitment and Operations

After nearly 10 years at Kaplan, building confidence and engaging with surroundings are two key factors I like to share with students.

By studying with us, you can develop not just academically, but personally and professionally too.

Song Wang, Country Manager, China

Tracy Wang

Marketing Director, China

Having worked in the education industry for nearly 10 years, I believe that a course with Kaplan isn’t just about lessons in a classroom; it’s a life-changing experience.

Tracy Wang, Deputy Marketing Director, China

Hanna Mawbey

Learning Support Tutor at the University of Brighton International College (UK)

Working as a Learning Support Tutor is a very rewarding experience. During one-to-one tutorials, I discuss your coursework with you, answer questions about life in the UK, and offer supportive and friendly advice.

I will also help you get the best out of your studies, and set academic goals that you can work towards.

Hanna Mawbey, Learning Support Tutor

Marco Baglieri

Programme Leader at Nottingham Trent International College (UK)

I provide useful advice throughout your course and encourage you with your self-directed study. I do my best to make sure you succeed with us and progress to your university degree.

Marco Baglieri, Programme Leader, Nottingham Trent International College

Bronwyn Rout

Operations Manager (Accommodation and Arrivals)

At Kaplan, we understand the importance of comfortable and secure accommodation, as this allows you to focus on your studies, and to enjoy student life. We are committed to supporting you in any way we can, and are constantly available to answer your questions, or to simply have a chat! We excel in what we do: making you feel comfortable and happy in your new home.

Bronwyn Rout, Arrivals and Accommodation Manager, KIC London

Dr Douglas Aiton

College Director at Glasgow International College (UK)

I am responsible for your student experience, ensuring there are great facilities and excellent learning opportunities at the College.

I am delighted you are considering Glasgow International College, and we will support you as you prepare to become a University of Glasgow student. As a former student of the University myself, I can tell you that Glasgow is a wonderful place to study. But don’t take my word for it — join us and find out for yourself!

Dr Douglas Aiton, College Director, Glasgow International College

Wen Lu

Vice President, China and Hong Kong SAR

Based in Hong Kong SAR, Wen heads up market intelligence, performance enhancement and project development.

Her exceptional analytical and financial modelling skills are essential to the commercial viability of Kaplan Pathways partnerships.

Previously, Wen was a key member of the Education Practice of the Parthenon Group in Asia, a global strategic advisory firm.

Wen Lu, Vice President, China and Hong Kong

Elizabeth Hess

Executive Director of Communications

Elizabeth supports Kaplan’s English language, university pathways and professional training businesses in the UK.

Previously, she was director of communications for telecommunications companies in the US and the Netherlands; head of communications for a UN organisation; and project director for a London-based business membership organisation.

Elizabeth Hess, Executive Director of Communications

Catrillia Young

Director of International Pathways, Pace University (New York, USA)

Catrillia is our key liaison with Pace University. She oversees support services for pathway students, and supervises the application process not only for Pace, but for other US partners too.

Catrillia has worked in international education for more than a decade. Before joining Kaplan, she was Assistant Director of International Admissions at the State University of New York in Plattsburgh for nearly 8 years, with previous roles at Wentworth Institute of Technology and Education First (EF).

Catrillia holds a master’s degree in French from Middlebury College in Vermont (USA), following her bachelor’s in French and Global Studies at Ripon College in Vermont. Read her story.

Catrillia Pace, Pace University College Director

Sara Bailey

Head of College Services at Kaplan International College London (UK)

During the students’ time at the College, it’s very rewarding for me to guide them in developing both academically and as people. They really mature as individuals by the time they progress to university, and I truly enjoy helping them on that path.

Sara Bailey, Head of College Services, KIC London

James Nevell

Science and Engineering Programme Leader at UWE Bristol's International College (UK)

I enjoy many aspects of teaching at the College, particularly working with a diverse group of students from many different backgrounds and cultures. It’s a privilege to help encourage and draw out their potential, and support them on their journey towards their future careers.

James Nevell, Science and Engineering Programme Leader at UWEBIC

Dr Amer Diab

Senior Lecturer at Glasgow International College (UK)

The College’s close relationship with the University of Glasgow creates excellent opportunities for students. We use the University’s facilities, so students are familiar with the resources before they even start their degrees. I also use technology in my classes to engage students and help me assess their understanding. My ultimate goal is to make sure students are ready for their transition to their university degree.

Dr Amer Diab, Senior Lecturer

Erangi Kulupana

Operations & Project Support Manager (Accommodation & Arrivals)

At Kaplan, we understand the importance of comfortable and secure accommodation, as this allows you to focus on your studies, and to enjoy student life. We are committed to supporting you in any way we can, and are constantly available to answer your questions, or to simply have a chat! We excel in what we do: making you feel comfortable and happy in your new home.

Erangi Kulupana, Operations and Project Support Manager

William Huynh

Head of Admissions Operations, UK

I help students reach one of the most exciting stepping-stones in their life: securing a place at university. I not only find the most suitable course for you, but I also provide general information and advice about student life.

No matter what your abilities or ambitions are, we will find the right path for you.

William Huynh, Head of Admissions Operations, UK

Alex Fowler

Compliance Support Manager

We are so proud of what we do here: providing first-class student residences in London. We offer excellent facilities, convenient locations and exceptional value for money. This means that students can make the most of their time at the College by choosing to stay with us.

Alex Fowler

Maggie Sun

Senior Recruitment Manager, China

I believe that having an international education is about more than just a degree. It’s about taking control of your future, and taking the first step to success.

I am here to help you on that journey.

Senior Marketing Manager, China

Leo Edwards

Regional Director, East and South East Asia

In my role at Kaplan, I focus on student recruitment to our university partners in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.  I really enjoy advising students and their parents about furthering their education overseas; it’s great to see them flourish and succeed at university and beyond.

Leo Edwards, Regional Director, East and South Asia

Kate Mishcon

Director of Content and Marketing

Kate manages the Kaplan Pathways Content and Marketing team, guiding and shaping all forms of communication to help strengthen our engagement with all target audiences. She also acts as brand guardian for all products and services, ensuring consistency of design and messaging across all customer touch points.

Kate has over 17 years’ experience in international marketing. She started her career at Education First (EF), after which she moved to Aspect Education, where she headed up the Publications team.

She then spent 8 years as a Group Account Director for John Brown Media, a leading creative agency, where she oversaw the content marketing strategies for a wide portfolio of international brands such as Visit London, Orange, BDO and Waitrose. In 2007, Kate won the PPA (Professional Publishers Association) Customer Magazine of the Year award for one of her titles.

Kate Mishcon, Director of Content and Marketing

Kirsten Tedder

Finance Director, UK and US Pathways

Kirsten leads the Finance team looking after our UK and US Pathway colleges. The Finance team provides operational finance support to the UK and US businesses, working with students, sponsors and our University partners. Kirsten also works closely with Kaplan Partner Services, our Hong Kong-based agent support business.

Kirsten is a UK-qualified Chartered Accountant and has held international finance roles for more than 15 years. Her experience helps to support initiatives that build and strengthen our relationships with our University Partners.

Kirsten Tedder, Finance Director, UK and US Pathways

Burcu Aslan

Accommodation and Arrivals Coordinator at Bournemouth University International College (UK)

I look forward to meeting you in Bournemouth, where our friendly staff will make sure you feel safe and happy. You will benefit from state-of-the-art facilities, 24-hour security and weekly cleaning of communal spaces. This means you can focus on your studies and enjoy your stay with us.

I have studied in Bournemouth myself, so I know the town very well, and I can tell you it’s a great place to be a student!

Burcu Aslan, Accommodation and Arrival Coordinator at BUIC

Valentina Nikitina

Senior International Recruitment Manager

I believe education opens up doors like nothing else in the world. It does not differentiate between students on anything else but academic merit and determination. We are passionate about giving opportunities to students who will be changing the way tomorrow looks.

International Sales & Recruitment Manager

Nathalie Griffin

Director of Operations, US Partnerships

Nathalie has worked within several functions during her 11+ years at Kaplan International, including the successful management of Kaplan’s global events and executive administrative provision. She now oversees the operational aspects of our US university partnerships as well as having strategic oversight of our global events and key projects.

Nathalie Griffin, Operations Manager, US Partnerships