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UK University Ready course details

The UK University Ready course has been designed to make your transition from your pathway course to your university degree as smooth as possible.

It’s an exciting opportunity for you to connect with other students in person and try out the facilities at the University of Essex before your degree begins. You’ll focus on developing your graduate attributes through collaborative projects, while settling into life in the UK, building your confidence and practising your English.

See details about course content.

Benefits of studying UK University Ready

Course content

Your course will take place at the University of Essex International College and in buildings around the campus and residences, and you can choose from a 2-week, 4-week, or 6-week course. While all programmes will include the activities listed below, the longer programmes will offer more in-depth work on these themes, and give you extra time to settle in and experience your study destination. You’ll have 15 hours of contact per week, including some social and cultural activities in the evenings and weekends, such as a walking tour of Cambridge, a visit to London and some of its museums, and a trip to the coast.*

On the course, you’ll enjoy a project and activity-based study experience, which will allow you to apply your knowledge to real-life situations. These projects will help you:

  • familiarise yourself with the city, campus and local area and understand British culture and society
  • meet staff, and locate student services, libraries and learning resources
  • set up a bank account and register with a doctor
  • learn more about academic conventions and how to navigate your degree
  • recognise your strengths and weaknesses and set goals to ensure a smooth transition to university
  • start thinking about maximising opportunities to gain employability skills at university
  • work on your networking skills to help you during your degree and in your future career.

*Activities are subject to change.

Example activities

Useful tours of the campus and local area

to help you find your way around and
settle in easily

Interaction with Kaplan Student Ambassadors

who will explain what university life is like

Collaborative projects ending in a summer fair

and in-person graduation and celebrations

Visit to another major city

to experience travelling around the UK

Sessions and talks from university faculty members

so that you can learn more about studying your subject at university

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