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In-person and hybrid learning in the USA

All of our US university partners have reopened their campuses and are offering in-person learning to students once more. On this page, you can find out more about on-campus study at each of our US universities, and what to expect after you arrive.

On this page you’ll find:
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ASU has resumed on-campus classes and is offering fully in-person learning in the 2021-22 academic year. Limited options are offered for students who are unable to travel to the US.

Studying at Arizona State University

  • Learning modes

    Beginning with the fall 2021 semester and continuing for spring 2022, ASU has returned to class instruction in person, providing students with a full campus experience.

    If you are not able to come to the US physically for the upcoming semester, please contact your ASU academic advisor. For select courses, instruction will also be available to students digitally through ASU Sync and iCourses.

    Please read ASU’s international student FAQ for more details.

  • Health and safety measures

    ASU has established certain policies and resources to maintain the health and safety of the academic community. These include:

    • COVID-19 testing and vaccines on campus
    • refillable kits that include a face covering, thermometer, hand sanitizer and other items for maintaining health and wellness, alongside “Community of Care” training for all students and employees
    • medical-grade and repeated cleanings of all ASU buildings, including residence halls and classrooms
    • face coverings required inside all ASU buildings, as well as outdoor spaces where social distancing cannot be maintained
    • some social distancing measures on campus
    • in-person and telehealth services for all students.

    ASU and the world-famous Mayo Clinic have also joined together to provide timely health care information to students and employees and launched a health status verification app in Fall 2020.

  • Vaccinations for students

    Starting on November 8, 2021, all non-US citizens who are nonimmigrants (including F-1 student visa holders) traveling to the United States from any part of the world, must show proof that they are fully vaccinated with an acceptable COVID vaccine, with some limited exceptions.

    The University encourages all faculty, staff and students to get the COVID-19 vaccination. This supports ASU’s goal of providing a quality learning environment that meets public health and safety guidelines and gives students peace of mind. For additional information please visit ASU’s vaccination FAQ

Pace University



Pace is offering fully in-person teaching for the September 2021 intake onwards, with all students, including international students, being welcomed for on-campus study.

Studying at Pace University

  • Learning modes

    For Spring 2022, courses are offered in one of three teaching modes:

    • Fully on-campus: A course with only traditional in-person, on-campus class meetings.
    • Hybrid: A course delivered simultaneously in-person and remotely, so that students who cannot travel to campus can participate in synchronous learning. However, in-person attendance will be the default mode of participation.
    • Web-assisted: A course with some in-person, on-campus class meetings and some online coursework.

    Not all classes will offer a choice of all modes. In some circumstance, in-person instruction will be required. Your class schedule and modalities will be set before the start of the semester.

  • Health and safety measures

    Face coverings

    As of August 13, 2021, Pace University is requiring face coverings to be worn indoors on all campuses, and encouraging face coverings outdoors in situations when distance cannot be maintained. This policy will be re-evaluated as conditions change. Face coverings will be required for all individuals on the Pace shuttle and in the University Health Care clinics.

    For more information about face coverings, please see Pace’s Campus Health and Safety page.

    Classrooms and campus spaces

    Signage will be posted in all rooms noting the maximum occupancy. With relaxed restrictions and vaccination rates on campus, areas will return back to original occupancy levels.

    Partitions or barriers have been installed and will remain in place as needed in spaces that include face-to-face customer service, such as in classrooms and various student service offices.

    All individuals will be required to wear a face covering in the dining halls when not eating. Each dining café will have 100% occupancy Seating will not be available for patrons not actively dining, or when the café is closed for meals. Mobile ordering and pickup stations will be available, with the use of contactless payment where possible.

    Gyms and fitness areas have reopened.

    For further information about social distancing measures, visit Pace’s website.

  • Vaccinations for students

    Pace requires all students, faculty, and staff coming to campus to be vaccinated against COVID-19 beginning with the Fall 2021 semester.

    Starting on November 8, 2021, all non-US citizens who are nonimmigrants (including F-1 student visa holders) traveling to the United States from any part of the world, must show proof that they are fully vaccinated with an acceptable COVID vaccine, with some limited exceptions.

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