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Digital learning: information for US programs

Most of our US university partners allow students to begin their studies digitally from their home country if they can’t travel to the USA. We’ll help you understand all the details about studying remotely, so you can confidently follow your path to a degree at a top US university.

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Join a leader in higher education digital learning. ASU is committed to providing high quality, innovative remote education to students around the world. You can start your ASU program in a digital format with student support services available remotely, learn from the same award-winning faculty as you would in person, and then transition to on-campus study at the first availability.

You can also choose to study on campus. In this case, some of your classes will be taught in person, and some will be taught digitally.


Indian student on ASU Tempe campus

Nithyashree from India

On her path to BS Economics at Arizona State University

I spent 2 magical months at ASU this spring before having to switch to remote learning. The university made my digital learning experience as worthwhile as my in-person classes. My professors were attentive despite the time differences. They also took into account our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, which are equally important to our academics.

Questions about ASU's virtual classes

  • What programs can I study remotely?

    All ASU bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees will be offered in a digital format. Additionally, Global Launch programs will be available online: both the Intensive English program and ASU-USA Pathways program.

    The same courses you would take in an on-campus program are available digitally, and all your courses will be led by ASU’s inspiring faculty.

  • How are remote classes delivered?

    Through ASU Sync, students can attend live-hosted classes, and enjoy fully interactive digital learning. ASU Sync uses Zoom technology so students can join real-time class discussion. For some classes, lectures will be recorded so you can watch them at your own pace, at a time that suits you.

    ASU also offers more than 2,400 iCourses for fully remote students. These courses are entirely online, and designed to be taken for the duration of the semester.

    You can learn more about the difference between ASU Sync and iCourses on ASU’s website.

  • How can I apply for remote digital classes?

    The application process remains the same: complete our online application form, selecting your preferred ASU degree or pathway program. You can submit your application to Kaplan even if you can’t get all your supporting documents ready at this time.

  • How do I enroll in digital courses?

    After you have paid your deposit, an ASU advisor will help you to register for the correct courses in a digital format. You will join a live, interactive virtual orientation session before you begin studying. The courses you take digitally will be the first credits toward your full program.

  • Can I continue without a study gap?

    ASU’s primary goal is for all students to progress toward their academic goals uninterrupted. With digital learning, you can stay on track without delaying your education plans. When you are able to travel to the USA, you can transition all your credits and continue the rest of your program on campus. You will need to contact ASU about appropriate arrival dates.

  • Must I study full time with digital learning?

    If you are a degree student enrolling remotely for the entire semester, you can choose full-time study or take a reduced credit load initially, to continue work or other commitments while you stay in your home country.

    If you are studying digitally with ASU Global Launch, you must enroll full time. This is 21 hours per week for the Online Immersion Intensive English Program.

  • What systems does ASU use for digital learning?

    ASU Sync allows remote students to join “live” lectures through Zoom.

    ASU’s Learning Management System, called Canvas, makes it easy to learn remotely. Your instructor might use Canvas to:

    • upload pre-recorded lectures
    • make course announcements
    • set assignments
    • hold class discussions
    • organize quizzes and exams
    • communicate grades.


  • Can I get help with the digital learning technology?

    You will have access to 24/7 student support from ASU if you need any help with its remote learning platform.

  • Does ASU have expertise in delivering classes virtually?

    ASU is an industry leader in online education. The University has an award-winning digital delivery track record and is committed to high-quality remote learning. In the first month of the Fall 2020 semester, they hosted 41,090 Zoom academic sessions. More than 800 teaching spaces have been equipped for delivering live lectures via Zoom concurrently with in-person classes.

Pace University


Keep your higher education plans on track by starting your Pace program online. The University has a long and highly ranked history in digital learning, so you’ll be in expert hands. Make connections with professors and classmates, access the same student support services as an on-campus student, and have confidence in the fact that you’re moving closer to your ambitions. You can then transition to Pace’s campus in New York the following semester.

You can also take classes on campus if you’re able to travel to New York for the start of the semester.


Questions about Pace University's online classes

  • How can I apply for digital learning?

    The application process remains the same: complete our online application form, selecting your preferred Pace degree or pathway program. You can submit your application to Kaplan even if you can’t get all your supporting documents ready at this time.


  • What and when can I study remotely?

    All Pace programs — bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and Global Pathways — are available for remote enrollment. Some classes are live and some are asynchronous, meaning you can study at a time of your choosing.

    As an online degree student, you can choose to take classes part time, initially. This will allow you to continue work or other commitments while you stay in your home country. If you enroll in fewer than the normal minimum credits for in-person study ⁠— 12 for undergraduate programs and 9 for graduate programs ⁠— your tuition costs will be lower. However, please note that any scholarship you have been awarded will be reduced to reflect your part-time status.


  • Are online courses the same quality as on-campus instruction?

    Yes. You’ll take the same classes — taught by the same faculty and professors — that you would on campus. Pace is committed to providing the same exceptional educational experience for all Pace students, whether they study online or onsite.

    In addition to expert online instruction, you’ll also receive one-on-one advising support and have access to some of the student services that you’ll enjoy once you transition to campus, including career development, the University library, tutoring services, and the IT Help Desk.


  • Does Pace have expertise in delivering classes virtually?

    Offering online university programs since 1999, Pace understands what it takes for students to succeed in a digital learning environment. The University’s online bachelor’s degree programs have been highly rated for 8 years in a row.

    As part of the University’s commitment to online learning excellence, Pace faculty undergo in-depth training to become expert online instructors.

  • How much does online learning cost?

    Tuition rates are the same as for on-campus study. You take the same program and enjoy the same high quality of teaching and support, whether your classes are delivered in person or remotely.

    However, you will save money while studying online because you will not need US health insurance nor to pay some of the standard university fees. Additionally, any scholarship awarded to you at admission is valid for online learning.

  • How do I enroll in Pace digital courses?

    If you have been admitted directly to a degree, you must pay your tuition deposit before you are able to register for online classes. Registration opens several weeks before the semester begins. In your acceptance email, you will receive instructions on the next steps to activate your account, and will be contacted by a Pace advisor to help you select courses.

    If you have been admitted to Global Pathways, you do not need to register because you will study set courses in your pathway program. You will be automatically enrolled in digital learning before classes begin.

    All students should attend an online international student orientation at the start of their program.

  • How does online learning work at Pace?

    All courses can be accessed through Blackboard, the online learning platform used by Pace. View these Blackboard learning tutorial videos.

    Pace’s online courses are designed to give you full flexibility through asynchronous independent work combined with collaborative “live” sessions involving classmates and professors.

  • What are the technical requirements?

    To study in Pace’s online programs, you need, at a minimum, a computer with sufficient memory and storage to support required software programs, a reliable internet connection, a webcam and a headset.

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