Degree preparation in the UK, North America or Australia

Prepare for a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in your chosen university destination.

Our degree preparation, or ‘pathway’, courses are designed to help you gain entry to top UK and US universities. We offer three main types of pathway course:

You’ll study a preparation course in your destination country, often on the campus of the university that you wish to attend. We also offer pathway courses leading to bachelor’s degrees at universities in Australia, as well as to doctorate degrees in the UK.

These pathway courses are a great way to improve your English language level, subject knowledge and academic skills, and help you build confidence for a degree. This type of course may be the right choice for you if you do not quite meet the English language or academic requirements of your chosen university. It can bridge the gap between your qualifications from your home country and the level you need to reach for a degree abroad, and in many cases you will be guaranteed entry to your chosen university if you pass your pathway at the required level and with good attendance.

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