Studying with Kaplan is a journey. Not only do students get to travel to different parts of the world, taking in new experiences and ideas; their journey is also educational.

But there is no such thing as a “typical journey” with Kaplan – everyone’s experience is unique. This is reflected in our choice of covers for our all-new worldwide brochure – we’ve featured 6 different students, each with their own story to tell.

We’re proud that these students are introducing our worldwide brochure, which brings together information about our full range of offers. No matter where you’re from, this brochure could be the gateway to your very own journey with Kaplan.


Kaplan Pathways Worldwide Brochure

6 journeys, 6 cover stars

Costa's journey

Costa - Bournemouth University International College


"I consider the UK to be my home now; I've made many friends. It's been a life-changing experience."

Costa, from Zambia, was attracted to the idea of overseas study by the opportunity to explore and learn about other cultures. He wanted to study Business, believing that this would have a positive impact on his career aspirations. Costa therefore chose to take a pathway course with Kaplan at Bournemouth University International College.

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Costa map

From Zambia to the UK

Costa's path to success

Costa was fascinated by the wide mix of nationalities at Bournemouth University International College. He made friends from around the world, and discovered that everyone had their own story and culture to share. He was even elected to be a student rep, and acted in a short student-made movie. Costa was impressed with his accommodation, and especially its convenient location.

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Brochure Costa

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With the 'Costa cover'

Costa progressed from the College to his Business degree at Bournemouth University, having particularly enjoyed his Marketing class during his pathway course. He also has bold plans for the future, hoping to go on to study a master's degree once he finishes his bachelor's. From there, he can gain valuable work experience in the UK, before taking everything he has learnt back to Zambia.

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Jitimiebi's journey

Jitimiebi - Nottingham Trent International College


"Living in the UK has been an adventure; it was a beautiful one, and I would love to do it again."

Jitimiebi is from Nigeria. Law had always been her passion, but the opportunity to study it never arose. She saw that the law could be a powerful force for good, and could have a positive impact in her home country. After originally studying Political Science at Niger Delta University, Jitimiebi saw an opportunity to chase her dream – studying Law – in the UK.

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Jitmiebi map

From Nigeria to the UK

Jitimiebi's path to success

Jitimiebi began a pathway course at Nottingham Trent International College (NTIC) that would allow her to study Law at Nottingham Trent University. Despite initial doubts about the temperamental English weather, and a little homesickness, she soon made friends in the UK and found studying at NTIC to be stress free. Thankfully, everyone at the College was friendly and helpful.

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Brochure Jitimiebi

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with the 'Jitimiebi cover'

Jitimiebi has big plans for the future, once she's finished her degree. Her goal is to take her country's professional exams, and to be called to the bar as a Solicitor and Advocate of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. We're confident that such a bright and ambitious student will be a huge asset to her home country.  

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Rashid's journey

Rashid - Liverpool International College


"In my opinion, studying abroad is a great way to gain experiences and build your confidence."

Rashid is from the United Arab Emirates, but decided that studying abroad would be a great option for him. Having read a lot about politics before coming to the UK, Rashid knew what kind of degree he'd like to take, and decided to enrol on a preparation course at Liverpool International College.

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Rashid journey

From UAE to the UK

Rashid's path to success

Rashid soon found himself feeling at home in Liverpool. The historic city had a friendly atmosphere, and lots for students to see and do. Rashid, being a big sports fan, spent time playing football and watching the famous local football clubs — Liverpool and Everton. He also enjoyed the local food: fish and chips!

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Brochure Rashid

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with the 'Rashid cover'

As he suspected, Rashid enjoyed the political aspects of his pathway course, citing Political Theory as his favourite class. However, he was committed to pursuing a degree in Criminology, something he'd long been interested in. Rashid successfully completed his pathway course, and progressed to his Criminology degree at the University of Liverpool.

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Jihang's journey

Jihang - Global Pathways at Pace University


"I wanted to experience US culture, and the best way to truly experience it is to live in the US."

Jihang studied Economics in China, but her interests lay in the world of finance. She decided that she wanted to study in the "financial centre of the world": New York City. Jihang had always loved American culture, and wanted the experience of living in the United States. Despite having never lived abroad, she didn't hesitate when the opportunity arose to study in New York.

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Jihang map

From China to the USA

Jihang's path to success

Jihang decided to study on the Global Pathways program at Pace University to fulfil her ambitions. The course enabled her to progress to a master's degree in Finance, an industry she describes as being "the most powerful and fascinating in the world". Jihang loved living in New York, making new friends and enjoying museums, galleries and the famous Central Park.

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Brochure Jihang

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with the 'Jihang cover'

Jihang thrived while studying in the US. She learned how the Finance industry operates, and how it interacts with people's daily lives. She acquired fantastic experiences, having worked at Bank of America during her degree. With an array of skills that made her highly attractive to employers, Jihang eventually decided to accept a role with a top US IT service provider in Beijing.

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German's journey

German - Kaplan International College London


"As part of my degree, I've been able to do a work placement; for me that was really important."

German, originally from Medellín in Colombia, has always been interested in how things work. This naturally led to a enthusiasm for technology and engineering, something he decided to pursue at a university abroad. He settled on the UK, partly because of its academic reputation, and partly because of its many "beautiful destinations" and proximity to other European countries.

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From Colombia to the UK

German's path to success

German enjoyed his time in London, describing it as "the most amazing city in the world", and noting its exciting blend of history and modernism. While he was never short of things to do in London, he frequently took trains out to explore the picturesque English countryside. German was also impressed with the College itself, and found meeting diverse people from so many different countries highly rewarding.

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Brochure German

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with the 'German cover'

Having progressed to the University of Birmingham, German looks back fondly at his time with Kaplan and can't imagine starting at university without it. His first year of University went smoothly, largely thanks to the knowledge he gained on his Foundation course. German is now focused on his studies, but has a plan for the future; he'd like to take a master's degree once he graduates, and then pursue a career in an area such as Robotics or Mechanical Design.

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Nur's journey

Nur - Liverpool International College


"I wanted to travel to other countries in Europe while studying, so the UK is a good, strategic place to be."

Nur is from Brunei, but wanted to follow in the footsteps of her siblings and study at university in the UK. While researching universities and study options, Nur came across Kaplan's pathway courses, and decided to apply to Liverpool International College. She very quickly received a reply, and was soon accepted onto a Foundation course.

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Nur map

From Brunei to the UK

Nur's path to success

Nur did have some nerves when coming to study in the UK; her main concern was loneliness, and being so far from home. However, at the College she made friends in the same situation, and shared new and exciting experiences with other international students. Nur learned to be independent, found the right balance between work and fun, and even saw snow for the first time!

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Brochure Nur

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with the 'Nur cover'

By the end of her time at the College, Nur felt prepared for her Psychology degree at the University of Liverpool. She has found studying Psychology to be extremely interesting, and feels confident about her studies. When she graduates, Nur would like to pursue a career in the area of developmental psychology, and become more actively involved in volunteering.

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Our 6 cover stars have had an incredible journey with Kaplan, taking an important step towards their educational goals, and gaining valuable experience of the wider world. Do you think you could so the same?

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