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Parents’ guide to international study

Parents play a hugely important role in their child’s education, and want to be sure that their son or daughter gets the best university experience possible. If you’re a parent, we’ll do everything we can to make sure you receive the very highest levels of service.

Lamis from Egypt

Mrs Kamel from Egypt

Parent of a student at Kaplan International College London (UK)

I like that Kaplan offers more support if students need it, and I like knowing that my son will get personal attention. I’m also happy that he’ll be living in student housing, because that's a good way to gain independence and learn how to live with other people.

How we'll help your son or daughter

  • Education options

    We have a wide range of exceptional education options available to students, and we know parents want to be involved in the decision-making process. Everyone wants what’s best for their children, and students value their parents’ guidance.

    At Kaplan, we can arrange to meet you and your child in your home country, and discuss the best options available to you. Our regional teams have an exceptional level of local knowledge, and understand your needs and concerns.

    In the UK, we also run events and open days at our colleges for students and their parents. In the US, we can organise campus tours on request. These allow you to see the centre before you decide on sending your son or daughter.

  • Before students arrive

    As part of our student services, we’ll send students a pre-arrival pack and accommodation guide to look over with their family. These give useful information about studying abroad and choosing housing for one of our programmes.

    We also run pre-departure briefings at select Kaplan offices for students to attend with their parents, to make sure everyone is ready for the experience that lies ahead. We can even arrange an airport pick-up to be sure that your son or daughter reaches us safely.

    We’ll help students going to the UK get international student insurance to cover them in an emergency. Students going to the USA will be automatically enrolled on a university insurance policy.

    If your son or daughter are under the age of 18 and will be staying at a Kaplan Living residence in the UK, they will have the Kaplan Living Special Support service automatically included in their contract (covered by an additional £300 fee). With this service, students benefit from Wellbeing Coordinators who will be living at the residence to provide enhanced support throughout their stay, and to answer questions from students and parents prior arrival. Kaplan Living Special Support is also available for students aged 18 and over as an optional extra service.

  • After students arrive

    When students arrive at their study centre, we’ll do everything we can to make them feel at home, and to prepare them for their studies. Our student services team will also show them how to register with a doctor or access local healthcare, ensuring that they receive any medical treatment they may need while studying.

    Once each student has settled in, parents are free to come and visit whenever they like. The best time to visit is during holidays, such as Christmas, to prevent any distractions during your child’s studies. Many of our centres also run special parents’ events, giving you a great chance to see where your son or daughter is staying, explore the facilities and meet the staff.

  • Academic performance

    We understand that you’re making an investment in your child’s future, and expect their education to lay the foundation for a successful career in the global economy. Naturally, you want to be kept up to date with your son or daughter’s progress.

    While students are with Kaplan, parents are given contact details of relevant members of staff. Any time you want to ask a question about your child’s studies, feel free to get in touch.

    At our UK centres, we’ll send reports on your son or daughter’s attendance, plus how they’re settling in and progressing, to you and their agent, and where applicable, their sponsor and / or UK guardian. That way, you and others can help your son or daughter work towards their goals.

  • Welfare

    The welfare of our students is always our absolute top priority. Our range of student services will cover everything from airport transfers to social support programmes, helping students get accustomed to life in another country.

    We understand that students can often get a little homesick, and we’ll do everything in our power to help them feel safe and included. We even organise events and activities to help them make the most of their time abroad.

    Students under the age of 18 will receive special attention at all of our study locations. In the UK, under 18s are considered minors, and will have a UK guardian in case of emergencies. A guardian will ideally be somebody you know in the country, but can also be provided by accredited agencies for free. Students under 18 at Kaplan Living residences in the UK will also be automatically enrolled into the Kaplan Living Special Support programme, which provides an extra layer of pastoral care to ensure that they remain healthy and happy during their stay.

    Finally, all of our centres have a policy to be respectful of different cultures and religions, and never pressure students to embrace particular opinions or beliefs. All students are expected to respect one another, and unlawful discrimination is not tolerated.

  • Student finances

    Making payments to Kaplan is also now quick and easy for students and parents. Payment via Flywire, our online payment portal, is simple, safe and secure. Flywire eliminates any hidden bank fees, and will usually allow you to make a payment in your home currency, helping you save on exchange rates. And with 24-hour multilingual customer support, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

    Parents might be concerned about how their son or daughter will manage their money when they go to university. Thankfully, we can provide useful advice to students on how to manage their finances, and they will also receive a student card, which gives them discounts at shops, restaurants and more. 

    Some students will also have the chance to find a part-time job. For example, students studying a Foundation Certificate, International Year One or Pre-Master’s course will be able to work up to 10 hours per week during term time and full time during holiday periods.* This is a great way to supplement their finances and help support their studies!

    *Exceptions apply. Please see here for further details.

  • Progression to university

    Our staff will be on hand to help students make the transition from their pathway course to their university degree when the time comes. We take great pride in our excellent progression rates, and our priority is always to get students onto the best university placement possible.

    When the time comes, we’ll give guidance on renewing or extending students’ visas if necessary, enabling a smooth move to university.

    If your child completes their preparatory course but does not meet the university entry requirements, don’t worry. We’ll do everything we can to ensure students in these circumstances find a place on another suitable university degree.

At university in the UK

Universities in the UK welcome thousands of international students every year, and are well used to supporting students from abroad in settling into their life and studies in the UK. Safety and wellbeing is extremely important at UK universities, and there will always be dedicated staff and resources for international students to turn to when needed.

Information for parents: Nottingham Trent

If your son or daughter is, or will be, a student at Nottingham Trent University (NTU), you can find useful information on the University’s dedicated web page for parents of international students. This includes information about where your child will be studying, messages and advice from other parents of international students, and guidance on who to talk to for further help, advice and support.

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