Latest information: Remote study for UK

How to book your accommodation

Thank you for your interest in booking accommodation with us. In order to book a room, you first need to have accepted your offer of study. When you’re ready you’ll be able to review your options and select your room using on the Kaplan Living website.

Choose which of the option below applies to you to find out what you need to do to book accommodation.

arrow rightNot applied for a course yet?
arrow rightReceived an offer of study?

Not applied for a course yet?

Before you can book any accommodation, you’ll need to have applied for a course with us, and accepted an offer of study. On the application form, you can let us know if you’re planning on booking accommodation with us to help speed up the process.

Received an offer of study?

If you have applied and received an offer of study, you’ll need to accept your offer. You can then check available accommodation options using the UK accommodation live availability tool.

When you’re ready to book your accommodation, you can do so on the Kaplan Living website. Simply select your residence and room type then click “book now” to complete the process on the Kaplan Living booking portal.

You can find a full step-by-step breakdown of the booking process here.