Kaplan International College Lagos courses

There are 2 courses in Lagos at Kaplan International College (KIC) Lagos. These offer pathways to a university in the UK, USA or Australia, and are taught at the purpose-built College in one of Lagos’ most exclusive areas.

Global Foundation

The Global Foundation offers a great opportunity for you to study at a world-class university in the UK or Australia. The course is designed to fully prepare you for undergraduate degree-level studies at a university abroad, as well as for the move to another country. Progression to one of our partner universities is guaranteed when you pass your pathway course at the required level and with good attendance, and you can choose from up to 8 leading universities across the UK and Australia.

US Pathway Program

The US Pathway Program (USPP) was jointly established by the Consortium of North American Universities (CNAU) and Kaplan, and can help you progress to a leading university in the USA. It is designed around the needs of international students, and will prepare you for an undergraduate degree abroad. You will take your USPP in Lagos, before progressing to a Summer Bridge term in the USA. You can then transfer to the 2nd year at your chosen US university.