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Infrastructure development

At Kaplan, we make long-term investments in our partners’ success.

Graham Holdings, our parent company, has a market valuation in excess of $2.5 billion. This financial strength enables us to make significant investments in the success of our education partners, helping them to transform their campus facilities and enhance the learning experience for their students.

Investment across the board

Recent infrastructure investments have included:

  • Cutting-edge residential facilities
  • State-of-the-art classrooms
  • New libraries with expanded digital collections
  • Dining facilities
  • IT centres and campus-wide wireless networks

We believe the high satisfaction, retention and completion rates of Kaplan students are directly linked to the support we have been able to provide to them, and to our partner institutions.

Over $300 million invested

in residential and classroom infrastructure since 2012

1,100+ bedrooms

built for international students

Infrastructure development case studies

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