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What is Universitas 21, and why does it matter?

17 Oct 2018 - Barni Homden

You may have noticed that a handful of the UK’s most highly respected universities mention that they are members of Universitas 21. But what is Universitas 21, and what does it mean to be part of this group?

Sharing ideas and changing the future

Universitas 21 was created in Melbourne, Australia in 1997. 21 of the world’s leading universities, from 6 continents, agreed to work together on both undergraduate and postgraduate research.

By sharing resources and ideas, they believed that they could create new ways of thinking. They aimed to produce research that would tackle the key issues of the future.

Since its creation, the shared expertise of these universities has resulted in research that has changed how we understand the world. From a better understanding of patient safety in hospitals, to improvements in the quality of education in schools, Universitas 21 has had a huge global impact.

A world of opportunity for students

Therefore, being a student at a Universitas 21 institution means being part of an international exchange of thoughts and ideas. It means being part of a global network that offers greater research and employment opportunities for your future. And it also means being a part of a university that is globally renowned for academic excellence.

Today, Universitas 21 has 25 members, 4 of which are in the UK, and 3 of which are Kaplan partner universities.

In addition, these universities are all members of the prestigious Russell Group of universities. This is an elite group of UK universities that focus on research, similar to the Ivy League in the USA.

Study at a Universitas 21 member

In conclusion, studying at one of these universities can set you apart from other graduates when you start looking for a job. You’ll have a highly regarded qualification from a well-respected institution, so employers will be more likely to notice you.

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