What is it like to study in Liverpool?

31 Aug 2018 - Fiona Raleigh

Liverpool is a vibrant city that attracts students from all over the UK to study, but what is Liverpool like for international students who decide to study here?

John Bainbridge is a tutor at Liverpool International College, which offers international students a route to the University of Liverpool, and he spoke to some Kaplan students from China and the Middle East to find out what they really think about studying in Liverpool. Read on to find out what they had to say!

John: 'What is life like in Liverpool?'

Students: Living in Liverpool is great as there are lots of good things to do and it’s not expensive. Many students say it’s easy to find familiar food, especially Chinese food as there are lots of restaurants offering different regional specialities. There are a number of eateries serving delicious Middle Eastern food and many places in Liverpool serve Halal food too!

Explore Liverpool's China Town

John: 'What is the weather like?'

Students: The weather is very different from what we are used to in our home countries, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Some of us like how varied the weather in the north of England is, even though it can be colder than we had expected. We recommend that you buy some warm clothes when you get here!

John: 'Is it easy to travel around?'

Students: Liverpool is ideally situated for visiting some of the most beautiful and historic parts of the UK, and we have visited some amazing places, such as Wales, Jersey, Edinburgh, Oxford, Northern Ireland, York, Manchester, Birmingham and the Lake District.

Visit the Lake District
The College organised some of these trips but we also organised some of them ourselves! It’s easy to hire cars and use the transport system, but trains can be expensive and sometimes slower than what we’re used to. For travelling further afield, Manchester Airport is very well connected and offers direct transport links to Liverpool, so it’s a very accessible city.

John: 'What is the local culture like?'

Students: We’ve explored Liverpool’s culture by going to local museums, art galleries, Premier League football matches, cathedrals and cinemas. We’ve also enjoyed visiting pubs, eating fish and chips and meeting the local people of Liverpool, who are known as ‘Scousers’.

Enjoy Liverpool's exciting culture
People are very helpful and friendly to international students, but their accents can be hard to understand! The culture in Liverpool is very different from back home and some of us have experienced some homesickness and culture shock. However, this soon passed and the warmth of Liverpool’s people helped us feel relaxed and happy.

John: 'What is the accommodation like?'

Students: The international student accommodation at Liverpool International College is very comfortable, safe and secure. There is WiFi so we can keep in contact with friends and family at home. Some of the accommodation options even include televisions, but you must remember to get a UK TV Licence if you want to watch television!

John: 'So, what’s the verdict?'

Students: Overall, we feel that Liverpool is a fantastic city for studying, abroad and that Liverpool International College is a place where we can achieve our ambitions!

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